A new round of Playmobil Scooby-Doo figures is available now, featuring tons of accessories and fun cosplay for our favorite dog detective. Everything from a firefighter to surfer to rocketpack, there are tons of fun sets coming from Playmobil. Each one of the playsets comes with a new profile slide that can be projected with the Coffin Projector (70361) or in the computer in the Mystery Machine (70286).



70706 Adventure with Snow Ghost

This playset features Scooby and Shaggy on a snowmobile getting chased by a Yeti on skis. There’s a hollow log trunk full of jewels. Who will get the treasure first and will they expose the Yeti for what he really is? The playmobil snowmobile has several joints and is fun to zoom around. I also really liked Scooby’s winter hat and the styling on the Yeti. I did not find the yeti in the blindpacked figs, so this was a good score for me. I also love the little accessories such as the burger and hot dog. Of course you can remove the Yeti’s mask and reveal who he really is.



70707 Adventure with Witch Doctor

This fun beach playset features a drum for Scooby and a hula outfit for Thelma. The mask can be pulled off of the Witch Doctor, and the clams can snap close to hold gems inside.



70708 Adventure with Ghost of Captain Cutler

I love how they repurposed the 1980s Playmospace suit as 70s era diving gear for Fred. Captain Cutler features the pale green deepsea diver suit from the intro of the classic Scooby Doo cartoon. Scoob comes with a surfboard, and there’s a rock that can split in open to reveal the treasure.



70709 Adventure with Black Knight

This set features Scooby as a painter and a knight posing for the painting. It’s a fun set, but the only complaint I have is that the visor is a separate piece, but it can’t lift up. If you look closely at the photo on the box, the entire helmet is lifted up to show his face. Playmobil has existing medieval helmets with liftable visors. I do love the flat grey color used to look like the cartoon. It’s a fun departure from the normal metallic look. I also like the poses you can get with Scooby as a painter.



70710 Adventure with Ghost Clown

Wow is this clown terrifying. I love the scared face on Scooby and the frightening clown face. The balloons on his back are a fun touch as well. It took me awhile to figure out, but the small gold paddle the clown is holding is representing a swinging pocket watch, as he’s intending to hypnotize you.



70715 Scooby as Vampire

This wave also features smaller sets with Scooby in costume. The parts are interchangeable and a lot of fun to collect!



70712 Scooby as Firefighter



70716 Scooby as Samurai



70711 Scooby with Rocket Pack

This set is a lot of fun, you can adjust the fins on the rocket pack, remove the fireball, and I love his pilot’s hat.


70713 Scooby the Lifeguard

This set is funny, with the life ring and whistle that Scooby can wear, but the life vest (PFD) doesn’t quite fit around his neck. Again, I admire Playmobil’s cleverness at making new parts and reissuing old ones, but this one doesn’t fit at all.

I thought the original Scooby wave was a lot of fun. The Haunted House (70361) and Mystery Machine (70286) were big hits in our house, and I’m excited there are new characters and adventures that can be added on to it.

Review and Photos By Andy Jones

Review Samples Courtesy of Playmobil

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