Following in the bloody footsteps of the Wraith (read our review HERE) and the Trapper (review HERE), Gecco presents their next premium Dead By Daylight statue: the Hillbilly! Arguably the most disturbing killer design seen yet (although the Trapper comes close), the Hillbilly is a twisted (literally) conglomeration of some of horror’s back woods greats, including the Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface, cannibal savages from The Hills Have Eyes, to even the undead Buckner Family (“Zombie Redneck Torture Family”) as seen in The Cabin In The Woods. The Hillbilly is so horrifying and wrong, yet looks so right to this horror freak. 


As a large 1:6th scale premium resin statue, the Hillbilly ships in an equally large box to protect all the components. A clear look at the Hillbilly adorns the back of the box, while the front features the freak as a blood-splattered minimalistic graphic with the Dead By Daylight logo. Both sides of the packaging inform the buyer with great details, such as the talented artists behind the piece, to some background history on this crazy creature in the game. 


Open the top flap and slide out your statue safely secured in black foam. The Gecco quality seal lets you know this statue is authentic as if you had any doubt. You’ll also find inside a collector’s card, as well as the simple assembly instructions. 


Once unleashed, the Hillbilly will be ready for cool display in a matter of minutes. Like previous Dead By Daylight statue releases, simply take out the large (heavy!) resin base and plug the Hillbilly figure on via two very hardcore metal rods. 


Final assembly steps include placing the left arm on via a powerful magnet and inserting his (its?) two weapons of carnage into the hands: a heavy head-splitting mallet (cast in resin) and a fierce-looking, bone-cutting chainsaw (made of PVC plastic due to the extreme detail on the piece). The detail and realism on these weapons are insane, the bloodwork being particularly impressive.


The detail on the Hillbilly is equally awesome. The designers of this monstrosity really outdid themselves. From nasty boils on the right arm, and twisted deformities on the head and back (!), to staples and bondage on the right arm. The Hillbilly is the stuff of nightmares.


Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of all the gory detail, Gecco once again throws in a bonus surprise: light-up eyes! Just like in the game, you can change the Hillbilly’s eyes to white, or my favorite, blood-red!! Where past Dead By Daylight statues had the electronics already installed, Gecco went with a new direction on the Hillbilly. With this statue, the electronic component – a small chip with a push switch – is included separately and must be inserted into the back of the head. A hair piece, which magnetically attaches, is included to conceal the feature. It all makes no difference to me, as this approach works just as well as with past statue releases.


With Gecco back on track after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s very exciting to finally receive a new statue in their Dead By Daylight series. I’m sure many fans worried that the line might have been canceled. The Tracker, and now the Hillbilly proves that Gecco is back on track… and moving forward with determination. We’ll see what the future holds for the line. The Spirit, shown off as an unpainted prototype back at Wonder Festival 2020 HERE, still needs more time to get ready. Gecco hopes to have it out by year’s end.

The Hillbilly is still available for pre-order priced at around $360. Act now though, because stock is getting low. Like past pieces, this WILL sell out. The Hillbilly ships later this month!!! Scroll on for more photos!

Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor
Review Sample Courtesy of Gecco