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Best of Mezco Toyz Fair 2021


The North American International Toy Fair may have been canceled this year, but that’s not stopping companies from revealing new 2021 toys! Mezco Toyz celebrated the annual collectibles bonanza on February 20, 21, and 22 with their own virtual online event called Mezco Toyz Fair 2021

While we are just as excited for new Mezco figures of tried-and-true classic characters like superheroes Batman, Superman, and Wolverine, horror icons Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Pennywise, or serialized overseas action greats Power Rangers or Ultraman, it’s the following NEW  properties that really stood out to us. Stay glued to Figures.com in the weeks and months ahead as we reveal more photos and announce pre-order details on all these exciting newly revealed Mezco figures.



LDD Presents Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse

Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls aren’t for everyone, but there’s no question the series of horror collectibles hasn’t been massively successful for the company. Heck, one can argue that without Ed Long and Damien Glonek’s long-running line of creepy creations, that Mezco Toyz today would not exist. That said, I’m not a huge Living Dead Dolls fan, but I do appreciate some of their licensed offerings under the LDD Presents name. Case in point: the Mezco Toyz Fair reveal of the Silent Hill license, specifically, Silent Hill 2.

While one would THINK that Pyramid Head would launch this new series, Mezco instead surprised with a gruesome look at a sightless Bubble Head Nurse. Hey, you have to save some heavy hitters for later on, and to be honest, the Bubble Head Nurse certainly lends itself better to the mostly female-oriented line. Regardless, it’s creepy as hell and one of Mezco’s bloodiest (and freakiest) LDD releases to date. Horror hounds rejoice.



One:12 Collective The Crow

If Living Dead Dolls were responsible for launching Mezco Toyz to toy stardom, it is the company’s recent line – One:12 Collective – that has ensured the company’s success for years to come. By sizing down the popularity of more expensive 12-inch action figures ($200-$300), these 6-inch collectibles have hit that sweet spot of being mid-range affordable ($80-$100) while still maintaining the quality fans expect from a 1/6th scale collectible: real-cloth outfits, impressive articulation, along with multiple head and hand sculpts, as well as themed accessories.

DC and Marvel remain mega-popular licenses (and several new additions make this list), however, it was the reveal of the 1994 Brandon Lee-starring cult classic, The Crow, that caught the attention of many collectors. Several action figures of Eric Draven exist, but they are few and far between. To own this kick-ass gothic character in Mezco’s One:12 Collective is a dream come true for many collectors; the two figure photos released teasing The Crow with a removable trenchcoat, along with smiling and serious head sculpts. 



GI Joe One:12 Collective Destro

Mezco saved this shocker for their very last Toyz Fair reveal: GI Joe is now free game for the One:12 Collective! Destro, Cobra’s weapons manufacturer and supplier, was chosen as the debut release, which I have… no problem at all! It’s unexpected, for sure, as most new GI Joe licenses kick-off with big names like Cobra Commander, Duke, or Snake Eyes.

I have to hand it to Mezco for this kind of licensing announcement: it hits the passionate die-hards first with an unexpected second-tier character (Destro! Yes!) and then gets the GI Joe fans all worked up and guessing who will be the next character in the series. I mean if Mezco is willing to shake things up like that for a debut, ANYTHING is possible. Personally, I’m all about Snake Eyes, so as long as I get the ninja in this figure format, I’m cool.



Marvel One:12 Collective The Fantastic Four

Since the Disney-Fox movie buyout, Marvel fans have been intensely interested in how the Fantastic Four and X-Men will debut in the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe. While we wait for that answer in theaters, anything related to the two Marvel properties has only gained popularity in the collectible’s world. That said, it was exciting to see Mezco unveil Marvel’s first superhero family as new One:12 Collective action figures!

Collectors will have to wait a little longer for full details on these new figures (perhaps sold as a deluxe box set?), but it’s nice to know that the classic line up of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Thing, and the Human Torch are finally on the way. Let the speculation begin on what themed accessories each superhero will come with (the hand/arm options for Mister Fantastic alone boggle the mind).



One:12 Collective Conquest for the Planet of the Apes

While Mezco has been slow-rolling out their classic Planet of the Apes One:12 Collective figures, any new ape is a good thing. For their Mezco Toyz Fair reveal, the company chose 1972’s Conquest for the Planet of the Apes, the fourth entry in the popular series where humans have turned apes into slaves and Caesar rises from bondage to lead an ape rebellion. Conquest continues in modern times; the POTA franchise slowly looping back to its apocalyptic beginnings.

Gorillas with guns is always a good action figure in my book, and passionate POTA fans will appreciate the figure of Caesar Mezco also teased. For this Ape fan, I’m still waiting for my deluxe boxed set of a mortally wounded Taylor (Charlton Heston) activating a replica of the “Divine Bomb” and bringing the entire world to an end as seen in 1970’s Beneath the Planet of the Apes



5 Points Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

It’s been a good year for Bill S. Preston, Esq. (Alex Winter), and Ted “Theodore” Logan (Keanu Reeves), the “Wyld Stallyns” rockers that found unexpected cult fandom with their 1989 comedy-adventure, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Several toy companies have come up to plate to deliver the bumbling duo the action figures they deserve, and now Bill & Ted collectors can add Mezco Toyz to the list with new 5 Points figures.

Mezco’s answer to the retro-styled action figure craze, 5 Points promises 3 3/4-inch figures with a minimum of 5 points of articulation and fun blister card packaging. While many existing Mezco licenses have been announced for 5 Points, the line hasn’t exactly taken off yet with collectors. Can a cult-classic license like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure pump new excitement into Mezco’s nostalgic figure line? Time will tell, but my prediction is yes, especially if the price is right. 



New One:12 Collective Rumble Society

The jury is still out on Mezco’s new One:12 Collective Rumble Society as the figures were only teased, and not fully revealed during Mezco Toyz Fair. What we DO KNOW is that Mezco is FULLY committed to their original in-house designed series. Heck, Rumble Society basically kick-started Mezco Toyz Fair 2021 with an exciting show exclusive that ALL collectors could purchase. And while Krig-13 reminds me of a Matrix Sentinel squid on a human body, it is a pretty slick sci-fi design and continues Mezco’s creative roster of Rumble Society characters, including Baron Bends and the Aquaticons, Doc Nocturnal, and their very own roach-mascot-turned-action-figure, Gomez.

Ultimately, I’m stoked to fully see what new Rumble Society action figures Mezco has planned. Love the individual character designs or not, you have to admit it is pretty damn exciting to see a toy company (ANY toy company) come out with a ballsy original property – especially on today’s market. Not since Todd McFarlane’s early Spawn action figure days have collectors been treated to such an imaginative series. Rumble on…


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  1. Bob turner

    The 5 point line isn’t taking off as there’s nothing available to buy.
    The Space Ghost and Hazard Gomez are sold out and impossible to find and everything else that was announced is either in pre order or not available yet.
    I’m afraid that the line will be pre-order only and scalper bait later.

    It’s a bummer as a lot of cool licenses were announced, but barely anything came out except for the Addams Family.

    • Jeff Saylor


      • C.J. Stunkard

        I got the Warriors Boxed Set From Amazon, and the box looks great. The only bummer is that you can’t see the actual figures displayed in the box, so you can’t display them without compromising the packaging.

        The real shame is that this line is and could be a direct competitor to ReAction, which I see EVERYWHERE, and there’s still a number of solid licenses on which Mezco could capitalize.

  2. Kirk

    I understand there are going to be accessories for the Fantastic Four figures but it looks like the initial version of Sue is to display her ability to run. Really? No transparency in the figure at all? Everyone else gets to look heroic and using their powers. Sue? Just running alongside like a interloping fan. LOL

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