While the rag-tag Rebel Alliance hobbles together whatever resources they can muster to get the war won, the mighty Galactic Empire is already on the road to victory as a well-funded and structured military might. Imperial forces have conquered most of the Star Wars galaxy with precision by training its soldiers for any possible scenario. Rain, snow, sleet or shine, Imperial Stormtroopers are ready to take on the Rebellion by any means necessary,

Here are some of our favorite Stormtrooper Corps classes, all of which also happen to be awesome 6-inch Star Wars Black Series action figures!

(Please Note: First Order and Sith Eternal forces have been purposely  left off this list for the sake of simplicity).




REQUIREMENTS: Undying loyalty to the Galactic Empire

PERKS: Own your very own E-11 blaster rifle!

The Galactic Empire welcomes you as an Imperial Stormtrooper, part of their growing family of “elite shock troops” – the frontline and backbone of the powerful Imperial Army.  While an entry-level position, you’ll hold the distinction of being better trained and equipped than a lowly “Mudtrooper” (which doesn’t even qualify as part of the Stormtrooper Corps. *cough, spit*). As an elite  Stormtrooper you’ll be issued our signature white armor and BlasTech’s ultimate achievement in infantry firepower, the E-11 blaster rifle. This high-precision weapon comes complete with three blaster settings – lethal, stun or sting – although we highly recommend kill, if you can hit your target.




REQUIREMENTS: Able to drive long hours under pressure; Team work

PERKS: Crush the Rebellion with a colossal walking tank; Free ride

So your blaster aim as a Stormtrooper is pretty bad? It’s understandable, those precision BlasTech E-11 rifles are very overrated. How about fighting the enemy in the safe confines of an armored Imperial AT-AT and letting mechanized Imperial might do all the work for you? As an AT-AT Driver, all you need to do is work well with others. After all, it takes TWO skilled pilots, PLUS a commanding officer to control this behemoth in battle. The pay off is way cooler-looking Stormtrooper armor, not having to march miles in combat, and the massive ego boost of piloting  an Imperial weapon of mass destruction! With long hours, hard work and  the knowledge that Imperial AT-AT’s are nigh indestructible, you’ll find yourself in that commander’s seat in no time.




REQUIREMENTS: Love of nature; Thinks Tatooine is “hot”

PERKS: Gets to explore exotic new desert worlds

Some like it hot! Do you find it dull pacing the empty Durasteel halls of the Death Star? Does “driving” an AT-AT bore you to tears? How about putting your born battle talent to real use on a lifeless desert planet as a Sandtrooper! Don’t worry about dehydration and stroke-inducing heat, the Empire has all the equipment for you to get the job done safely! Survival backpack? Check! Extra rations? Check! Cool shoulder pauldron? Check! Heck, after some serious devotion on this new career path in the Imperial Army you can even move up in ranks to a Heavy Sandtrooper! Blast the Rebel scum with a  DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle and get a cool COLOR CODED shoulder pauldron to boot! Not to mention that you’ll get to ride the native wildlife like a bonafide space cowboy! You haven’t lived life until you’ve blasted a Rebel traitor in the back, on the back, of a Dewback.




REQUIREMENTS: Love of nature; Thinks Hoth is “cool”

PERKS: Gets to explore exotic new arctic worlds

So you find Mustafar-level heat too hot to handle? It’s all good, the Galactic Empire is a tyranny for all seasons. How about the polar opposite, serving as an Imperial Snowtrooper! You’ll quickly forget that you’re even at war while wearing the Empire’s snuggly warm winter garb and with an E-11 blaster rifle scorching in your hands. If that doesn’t warm your spirits, firing the Empire’s ultra high-powered E-Web heavy repeating blaster against the lowly Rebels certainly will! Think of all the fun you’ll have with your squad after the snowy battle, telling jokes around the cozy campfire, such as my all-time favorite: “What is the internal temperature of a Tauntaun?” LUKE warm! LOL!




REQUIREMENTS: Loves trains; Deep admiration for M.C. Escher

PERKS: Gets to explore exotic new worlds, sometimes upside down!

Playing in the snow not extreme  enough for you? Then perhaps a Range Trooper is more to your liking. Not only do you get all the polar excitement of being a Snowtrooper, but your gear is sooooo much cooler. Armed with an advanced E-10R blaster rifle and dressed in voluptuous Vulptex (or perhaps Wampa?) fur-lined arctic attire, Range Troopers prowl the battlefield with mech-like gription boots. Not only will you gain combat confidence looking like a walking tank, but you’ll feel like one too. This chunky magnetic footwear allows you to stick to any metal surface, like giant refrigerators and fast-moving vehicles. Not sure what that all has to do with ice or snow, but it sure is friggin’ awesome. As a Range Trooper, you’ll be sure to “stick” around in the Imperial Army for years to come.




REQUIREMENTS: Not afraid to get a little wet

PERKS: Tropical vacation 

You’re in the jungle, baby… you’re gonna die! Just kiddin’! As an elite Shoretooper, the Empire has put its faith in YOU to fight against the Rebellion defending nothing less than the highest order in Imperial strongholds: the very secretive DEATH STAR plans on the planet Scarif! On a paradise planet no less! Seriously, what is the possibility of the Rebels ever breaching the Empire’s impenetrable orbital Shield Gate? Crank up those tropical tunes and have your Banthaburger in paradise, this is a walk in the park, Scarif soldier!




REQUIREMENTS: Not afraid of heights

PERKS: Gets to explore exotic new worlds… with a jet pack!

Does serving as an earthbound Imperial grunt sound too restrictive? Want to turn those gymnastic skills into gymnastic kills? Reach new heights in the Imperial Army as a jet pack-wearing Jumptrooper! Lowly infantry-level Stormtroopers will look up at you in envy as you blaze into the night sky raining blaster fury down on the wretched Rebels. Better yet, there are Jumptrooper variants that are specialized in different planetary environments! Pick the climate that best suits your heavenly destiny, be it Arctic Jumptrooper, Desert Jumptrooper or Forest Jumptrooper. The sky is the limit!




REQUIREMENTS: The need for speed

PERKS: Gets to explore exotic new worlds… with a speeder bike!

So you’re not a team player. Hey, I get it, you don’t look forward to being disintegrated as a frontline combat trooper. Who does! How about a position in Imperial reconnaissance? As a Scout Trooper it’s just you,  your trusty 74-Z speeder bike, and a friendly buddy for back up and idle conversation! Sure, your armor sucks and that EC-17 hold-out blaster is a joke, but nothing beats the freedom of being a Biker Scout. Explore strange alien worlds, all at hyper-sonic speeder bike speeds. What can possibly happen to you? You think that teddy bear-looking local could possibly be a  threat? Har!




REQUIREMENTS: Undying loyalty to the Galactic Empire  as an elite badass

PERKS: Being the envy of the entire Stormtrooper Corps

So you’ve served as a Stormtrooper, proven your worth to the Galactic Empire and have moved up the ranks as far as you can go. You now have a choice: Enlist as glorified bodyguard for some Imperial big wig (see Death Trooper) OR serve on a team with other elite soldiers and become a Shadow Trooper! You made the right choice, soldier. As a Shadow Trooper you get to rock experimental BLACK armor that allows you to cloak, rendering you almost completely invisible.  Hey, “shadow” isn’t in the name for nothing! Shadow Trooper battle tactics are brutally simple:  With the element of surprise on your side, overwhelm the enemy by attacking in hordes. It’s more metal than a heavy metal mosh pit. The Rebel scum don’t stand a chance. 





REQUIREMENTS:Undying loyalty to the Galactic Empire  as an elite badass

PERKS: Being the TRUE envy of the entire Stormtrooper Corps

So you’re an Imperial badass, however the whole mob mentality isn’t your style? Think cloaking devices are for chumps? Then the in-your-face, fear-inducing title of Death Trooper is for you. You’ll still have to take orders, but what Stormtrooper doesn’t? What’s different as a Death Trooper is that you… are… respected. That high ranking Imperial Intelligence officer knows not to push you too hard; that you could squash him like a Mynok in the blink of an eye. Like Shadow Troopers, you get to wear killer black armor. And while you can’t “hide” like a cowardly Shadow Trooper, you don’t need to when armed with state-of-the-art Imperial weaponry, such as the E-11D blaster carbineDLT-19D heavy blaster rifle and even Smart Rockets. And if your armor and guns don’t freak the Rebels out, the sound of your creepy-as-hell vocal scrambled voice certainly will.

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