Love ’em or hate ’em, Doom Eternal’s Maruader makes for an awesome action figure. Basically an anti-Doom Slayer, the corrupted Night Sentinel takes on players fearlessly armed with an Argent battleaxe and double-barreled shotgun. I personally can’t stand this enemy type as they shrug off half your arsenal and are an absolute pain to kill.


Recently released by McFarlane Toys,  the 7-inch scale Marauder action figure features an incredible new sculpt. While some parts, such as the boots, have been re-used from their Doom Slayer figure, the rest is all-new. The horned head sculpt is a looker and I love all the demonic runes and skulls adorning his cool armor.


Accessories include his trusty Argent Battle Axe, complete with translucent red plastic ruin-etched blade sandwiched as if floating between the skull handle. He’s missing his shotgun, which is a bummer, but luckily I had a spare to arm him with. The Marauder also comes with a Doom-themed display base, which comes in useful for dynamic attack poses.


If you already own McFarlane’s Doom Slayer (read my review HERE), then the Marauder is a must-own. He’s like the Yin to the Doom Slayer’s Yang. This figure is available for purchase at many fine retailers, including Amazon where it is now priced at $24.99 (with free Prime shipping).

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