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The Best Star Wars 6-Inch Black Series Figures

Star Wars 6-inch Black Series

In 2013, Hasbro broke with decades of 3 3/4-inch Star Wars action figure tradition by introducing an all-new scale: the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series. The Star Wars 6-inch Black Series was an immediate hit with modern collectors long accustomed to the larger size through various other toy companies, including McFarlane and NECA. 

While Hasbro continued to shower their 3 3/4-inch Star Wars figure series with new releases, the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series took on a life of its own. From current movie characters to returning classic favorites, fans eagerly awaited each new Star Wars 6-inch Black Series figure release for their incredible sculpt, articulation and accessories. Here are some of our favorite Star Wars 6-inch Black Series figures:



Every new figure series needs to launch with a bang, and the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series is no different. Fans received A-listers such as Vader, Han and Luke, but it was the addition of Boba Fett that turned many Star Wars collector’s heads. This is one of the nicest looking figures made of the galaxy’s notorious bounty hunter, and having him in 6-inch scale was like a dream come true. Consider yourself lucky if you got your hands on the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Boba Fett. Not only did it give fans the first chance to own Boba before the standard figure was released that Fall, but the exclusive also included a bonus figure: Han Solo frozen in a slab of Carbonite!

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With it’s popularity now soaring, the Star Wars 6-Inch Black Series made a radical gamble in 2014 with the release of its first over-sized creature: Jabba the Hutt. Fans would receive Luke and a Wampa, as well as Han with a Tauntaun the following year, but Jabba stole our hearts with his space slug good looks and gangster personality. Again, pat yourself on the back if you managed to purchase the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Jabb the Hutt exclusive. The set included a bonus Salacious Crumb figure and a throne railing!

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Large creatures weren’t the only exciting new addition to the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series in 2014. The year also saw Hasbro branch out by introducing in-scale vehicles! Launching this deluxe series was a fan-favorite Imperial trooper: the Biker Scout with Speeder Bike. This set perfectly captured the exhilarating chase scene in Return of the Jedi and was the ONLY way to get your hands on a 6-inch Biker Scout figure at the time (NOTE: an individual Scout Trooper figure is finally planned for release this year).

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2015 saw the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series shift gears from classic characters to taking on the first Star Wars movie released in years: The Force Awakens. Due to the hype around the film (and the huge “Force Friday” event that ushered in the new toys), the first Force Awakens figures were immensely popular. Captain Phasma was one of the hardest figures to find at the time, the silver armor-clad trooper taking me months to track down. She was well worth the wait, however, as this is one of the tallest, truly in-scale Star Wars 6-inch Black Series figures produced – measuring a good head taller than the basic 6-inch First Order Stormtrooper.

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Speaking of hard-to-find Star Wars 6-inch Black Series figures, hunting down both versions of the awesome new Shoretroopers seen in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a challenge for many collectors. Ironically, the Shoretrooper Squad Leader (with battle skirt) was the easiest to get, being available online and at general mass retail stores. The standard Shoretrooper, however, was a Walmart exclusive, which proved to a hot seller. Job well done if you managed to track down both figures!

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The Range Trooper is another awesome new Imperial trooper that debuted in Solo: A Star Wars Story. A variation of the classic Snowtrooper, the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series Range Trooper figure came dressed for arctic conditions, complete with faux fur! Complete with chunky cool “mag boots” and blaster, the Range Trooper showed Hasbro making a serious commitment to the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series with radically improved sculpts and articulation points.

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Another exciting new character addition from Solo: A Star Wars Story was the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series Enfys Nest and Swoop Bike. Much like the Biker Scout and Speeder Bike set, purchasing this deluxe pack was the ONLY way to get your hands on an Enfys Nest action figure. However, her amazingly detailed large Swoop Bike makes this an investment well worth the money.

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You can’t have a Star Wars 6-inch Black Series collection without some evil Sith Lords in it! A cool character introduced in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Darth Revan is a unique Star Wars 6-inch Black Series figure in that it was selected by fans. The winner of Hasbro’s Choice Poll in 2015, Darth Revan showed Hasbro really listening to the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series community. It doesn’t hurt that it also happens to be an incredible looking figure.

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One of my favorite 3 3/4-inch vintage Star Wars figures growing up as a kid was the Tusken Raider. The Tusken Raider’s appearance in the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series made me love the character all over again. Garbed in realistic soft-good robes, the Tusken Raider figure impresses with an excellent sculpt and some of the best accessories packed in a Star Wars 6-inch Black Series figure release. Not only did you get a rifle (something the original never included), but you also got the Tusken Raider’s iconic Gaderffii stick… with three interchangeable tips! The inclusion of mix-and-match parts was a smart move on Hasbro; the variety of weapon combinations encourages collectors to purchase more than one figure to create a unique Sand Person army.

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No Star Wars 6-inch Black Series collection is complete without the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader! While a Return of the Jedi version of Vader appeared early on in the Star Wars 6-inch Black Series, our favorite is from Hasbro’s 6-inch 40th Anniversary Collection released in 2017. This version of Darth Vader was a major improvement over the older figure, including a correct height (now a head taller than the standard Star Wars 6-inch Black Series figures), a lightsaber that could now be hung from his belt (complete with a removable blade!), inner and outer soft-goods robes that hung more naturally, and an over-all more screen-accurate sculpt. Even the blister card packaging was retro cool! In the words of Vader himself, this figure was “Impressive, most impressive”.

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  1. Nick

    Oh comon, saying that a figure is „one of the best” based primarily on its rarity is ridiculous! I look mainly at Phasma here – I got her cheap AF in my Toys R Us, and honestly the moment I opened the package I felt ripped off, this figure could fool me for being a bootleg. Articulation is ridiculous, paint is just silvery – I mean, comon, it is a bad figure. I get that you got Boba Fett out on this list but honestly Black Series was pretty much just a PROMISE of great figures when they gave us a fantastic series 1 (not only Fett but Luke and Darth Maul! And they aint on this list!) – after s1, most figs are just….meh.

  2. Miguel Sanchez

    The Gamorrean Guard is the best figure of the line. Period.

  3. Boo

    Captain Phasma is a very easy figure to find and it is very cheap, it’s extremely poor quality compared to other figures!! Also why are you using the image for Darth Vader with a Kenner figure, not Hasbro?! Also the Darth Vader figure is very poor and his “necklace” or some sort of chain round his neck is cheap and it snaps really easily!! I think that Boba Fett looks a bit to bright compared to his worn and torn appearance!! Anyway the Tusken Raider is very cool like the Scarif Stormtrooper (Shoretrooper) and Range Trooper are very good but some are way better!!

    • Not Boo


      The Vader is the 40th Anniversary version, not the Kenner version. Open your eyes and learn to read.

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