Boglins – the outrageous creatures that come alive in your hands – are back at – and they’ve hidden magical Golden Tickets inside their cages! Originally part of the 1980’s creature craze, Boglins have been spotted crawling out of the swampy bog, and back into our hearts.

The newly released Boglins from TriAction Toys are based on the three original Boglins Drool, Dwork, and Vlobb. They have now become kings and will provide the complete story of the seven blog kingdoms!


The Golden Tickets

The naughty Boglins have hidden Golden Tickets inside their cages at the Toynk warehouse. Only twenty golden tickets exist worldwide, and Toynk has three of them! Each Golden Ticket holder will win a One-of-A-Kind Boglin created just for them by Boglins Creator Tim Clarke.

Winners will receive:

  • 30-minute Zoom Call to design a Boglin with creator Tim Clarke
  • Customized paint design
  • A One-of-A-Kind Boglin signed by Tim Clarke

Golden Tickets will be distributed randomly. The contest ends when all of the golden tickets have been found. So now’s the time to cross your fingers and start shopping!