-Photos and review by David Yeh

-Bug-Eyed Ghost, Fearsome Flush, and ECTO-1 provided for review courtesy of Hasbro

There really was something special about the ’80s, with an influx of the greatest toy lines ever created competing for retail space and our hard gifted dollars. The Real Ghostbusters, based on the cartoon spinoff of the popular film was right smack in the middle of that period and had its own popular line of toys made by Kenner.


Hasbro, now the owner of all things Kenner, has been celebrating the 35th anniversary of the cartoon series and its toys with the release of GHOSTBUSTERS KENNER CLASSICS, a nostalgic revisit of the familiar toys from the good old days. Wave 1 already came out with the main core Ghostbusters characters and Slimer ghost figure, but Hasbro is now ready with Wave Two, delivering three familiar favorites: The Bug-Eye Ghost, Fearsome Flush Ghost, and the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle. I have to admit that I didn’t collect these toys when I was younger but I did look at them when exploring those toy aisles and remember fondly the toy commercials.



What catches the eye the quickest is the retro packaging that faithfully recreates the toys of the mid-80s. It’s simplistic but pops, and a reminder of what really works compared to the extremely busy packaging of today’s toys. Both Bug-Eye Ghost and Fearsome Flush come carded without any bells or whistles. What you see is what you get!


Bug-Eye Ghost is simple enough, hit his back and his giant eyeball pops out, attached with a string. The eyeball itself is larger than the vintage one, but it’s essentially a pretty close replica. Bug-Eye has articulation in his arms and that’s it, but he can hold his own eyeball!


Fearsome Flush is maybe the toy that I remember the most, being a toilet and all. It works the same as it always did, roll him along the surface and his lids open up to reveal a ghost!


The one issue I have with Fearsome Flush is that it doesn’t have a lot of weight in the rear, so having a Ghostbuster sit on the seat causes it to tip over. Beyond that issue, this is precisely the toy as I remember it.



The Ghostbusters have one of the most iconic movie vehicles around, and the inclusion of this really brings back some memories. This version isn’t that different from the original and essentially feels as it did. Any changes are fairly minor.


There is a sticker sheet for the Ecto-1 and maybe let my photos be an example for you on what NOT to do. A lot of toys of the past gave you a lot of wiggle room for your decals but this Ecto-1 is pretty precise, so your placement of the decals needs to be as well.


The front two doors open up and can seat two figures, and a third removable chair can be used in the trunk or on top of the car.


The Ghost Claw feature helps the Ghostbusters with an assist in snatching the smaller ghost varieties. The included orange ghost fits that bill. First, you’ll need to adjust one of the switches on the bottom of the car to allow the rope to be used. Pushing the vehicle along helps retract that claw back into the car.

If I had a complaint about the ECTO-1, it would be that the trunk door doesn’t want to stay closed. There isn’t a clasp or anything that secures the door in place, so it just falls open with any movement at all.


Obviously, if you’re a Ghostbuster fan and collector, these retro-classic toys are already on your list. But everyone else, these are great throwback toys that serve as a great update to your collection or if you’re like me, a new addition. The ghosts and Ecto-1 can be found at most Walmart stores and also online at walmart.com. The ghosts retail for around $15 and the Ecto-1 around $40. Not a bad deal for a trip down memory lane.

-Photos and review by David Yeh

-Bug-Eyed Ghost, Fearsome Flush, and ECTO-1 provided for review courtesy of Hasbro