Super Impulse is back with the hilarious, outrageous Wacky Packages Minis – now available in Series 2 (read our Series 1 review HERE)!

This collection of 3D puny products features 82 new parody items for you to unbox, collect and chase! Now there are THREE levels of rare for you to collect – Rare, Really Rare and Fuggetaboutit!

In collaboration with Topps, each Wacky Packages Mini comes with 5 mini figures, a sticker with original art from 1967 and a collector’s guide! Whether you are playing a game of Dims on your PC or snacking on some Frosted Snakes, these Wacky Packages Minis will satisfy your every craving.

Available now at Target and launching at Walmart and Amazon later this month for $6.99 USD, the chase is on to complete your collection of new Wacky Packages Minis Series 2.