Gecco has been a godsend to Bloodborne collectors. Fans of the challenging “Souls”-like game have been graced by not one, but THREE drop-dead gorgeous 1/6th scale (12-inch) PVC statues. First there was the “Hunter” (read my review HERE). The sold out success of that statue spurred Gecco to release a “Puddle of Blood” variant (review HERE). *POOF!* That too was quickly gone. Lastly, Bloodborne fans received a breath of fresh air with “Doll” (review HERE) and the first trio of 1/6th scale weapons from the Hunter’s Arsenal.


The new weapons are a novel idea for customizing the look of the Hunter statue. But what if you missed out on both Hunter statue releases? Lucky for you, Gecco is bringing the Hunter back for a third time…


From the popular Bloodborne expansion called “The Old Hunters” comes the Hunter… with an all-new look! At a passing glance, “The Old Hunter” statue is pretty close in appearance to the first Hunter. But look closer…

1bladeactionThe most glaring difference is the weapons. Where the original Hunter held the Hunter Blunderbuss and Saw Cleaver, the Old Hunter comes armed with the transformable trick weapon “Beasthunter Saif” wielded in his right hand and a huge “Piercing Rifle” in the left.


Both weapons are exceptionally detailed and slide into the figure’s semi-pliable PVC hands. Not much work is required to get a good grip and handy illustrated instructions inside the box aid you in correct  weapon placement.


Another radical new addition is the display base that the PVC statue plugs on to. Where the first Hunter’s base resembled a cobblestoned street, the Old Hunter’s base takes things one step further with a sculpted motif of “The Hunter’s Nightmare”. The splitting gore stone really adds some sizzle to the piece. If I had one nit, I wish that more gore was added: as some blood running between the cracks in the rocks and splattered on his weapons. Perhaps a “Puddle of Blood” Old Hunters variant down the road? 


Aw, but the differences don’t stop there! New changes to the Hunter himself include an older, wiser look of glazed over white eyes and grey hair. The coolest new addition is a short cape that drapes over the Hunter’s shoulders and attaches around his neck by a real metal chain. The collared piece adds an awesome multi-layered look to the Hunter’s garb that easily surpasses the original, in my humble opinion. DSCN5749

Gecco’s 1:6 Scale Bloodborne “The Old Hunters” PVC Statue is a wonderful opportunity for those that missed out on the original Hunter to own one. However, if you haven’t already pre-ordered, your chance to do so is rapidly fading. Arriving later this month, “The Old Hunters” statue is already sold out directly through Gecco. Good news is that select retailers, such as, still have it available priced at $294.99. Lock in your order HERE before it is too late.


Also available for pre-order is the second set of weapons from the Hunter’s Arsenal: the “Kirkhammer”,  “Cannon”, and  my personal favorite, the  “Beast Cutter”. All three new weapons can be displayed with the Hunter 1/6 scale PVC statue or on the optional accessory Collection Board ($42). They are currently available for pre-order through Gecco Direct. Check out our story HERE for complete details!

Happy “Hunting” and scroll on for even more images!

Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

Review Sample Courtesy of Gecco

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