-Scott Rubin

We know how much everyone is enjoying getting the scoop on new Star Trek Attack Wing, so after our review of this month’s Federation vs. Klingons Starter Set (see that HERE!) we’re back with another exclusive look at some cards from upcoming sets.  Specifically we’ve got a familiar Ferengi face, a mighty Borg ship, and two Borg upgrades from the Borg Octahedron and D’kora Card Packs!

7 of 10 - Doctor Reyga

A brilliant Ferengi scientist, Doctor Reyga invented the metaphasic shield in a classic episode of The Next Generation.  He makes his debut in Attack Wing as a 3 point Crew upgrade with a very specific function.  As an action you can discard the good doctor to remove a Disabled token from a Tech upgrade on his ship AND repair one shield!  Reyga will work especially well with things like the Ferengi EM Pulse upgrade.

1 of 12 - Queen Vessel Prime

Moving over to the Borg faction, we’re very excited to reveal the named ship in the upcoming Octahedron Card Pack, the Queen Vessel Prime!  This mighty vessel is 42 points, like its predecessor from the expansion pack, the most powerful Borg ship after the big Cubes.  The new Queen Vessel Prime also has the same incredible stats (6 Primary Weapon, 0 Agility, 8 Hull, and 7 Shields) as well as Upgrade Bar (2 Crew, 1 Tech, 1 Weapon, 2 Borg) and Action Bar (Target Lock, Scan, Regenerate).  Of course, where the new version stands out is in its special ability, and this one is straightforward but very powerful: in the End Phase add one Drone Token to the ship’s captain!  Borg players, or those who have been unfortunate enough to face them, know that Drone Tokens can be used for all sorts of cool effects in the game like shutting down enemy shields and upgrades, gain free actions, boost defense, turn regular damage into critical damage against enemies, etc.

5 of 12 - Neonatal Borg

Many of the new Attack Wing upgrades give you unprecedented ways to tweak your fleets and gain flexibility in your builds, and the Neonatal Borg is a great example of that.  While a “baby Borg” floating in an artificial womb may be creepy, you’ll immediately see the use of this 2 point Crew upgrade.  First off, fielding it adds another Crew slot to its ship.  But here’s where things get interesting; the Neonatal Borg lets you use Borg Crew upgrades to fill Tech and/or Borg Upgrade slots on a Borg ship!  Don’t be limited by the upgrade slots on a ship’s card as these babies can let you customize your fleet like never before.

9 of 12 - Neural Transponder

Finally today we’re going to look at a new Borg Elite Talent that really ties a fleet together, the Neural Transponder.  The faction previously had the Neural Link Borg Upgrade that allowed a fleet to shuffle Drone Tokens between ships, but the Transponder is quite different.  It costs 2 points, can only be used by Borg ships with Borg captains, and you need to equip it on multiple vessels (preferably all of your ships).  In game, when a ship with the Neural Transponder gets a Battle Stations, Scan, or Evade token, place the same token beside every OTHER friendly ship with the Transponder at Range 1-2 and discard the card.  There is a downside, though… the same mechanic happens if a ship gets an Auxiliary Power token so make sure to pull off the Transponder with a beneficial token drop before you’re forced to execute a red maneuver or otherwise cause an auxiliary power situation.

As always, stay tuned for more Star Trek Attack Wing reveals and reviews here on Figures.com.  New to Star Trek Attack Wing and want more information?  Head over to WizKids.com for the lowdown!

-Scott Rubin

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