-Scott Rubin

In the last few months WizKids has taken HeroClix players through realms of the Norse gods, graveyards of undead, and into the far reaches of outer space.  This month, HeroClix returns to the DC universe with a really cool set featuring everyone’s favorite wacky Batman villain (anti-hero?) and a host of ladies both heroic and villainous with DC HeroClix Harley Quinn & The Gotham Girls!  Previews are flying fast and furious for the expansion that features multiple versions of the headlining character plus sub-themes like the Suicide Squad, DC Bombshells, and more.  Today, we’ve got your exclusive first look at three more figures from the set with Bombshells Poison Ivy, Bombshells Supergirl, and chase Wonder Woman!


If you’re somehow still unfamiliar, DC’s Bombshells started off as an art exercise to reimagine certain characters in a pin-up, WWII-inspired setting.  After a hugely successful run of statues the line was expanded to include comic books and an actual storyline, and more.  The Harley Quinn set will be the debut of Bombshells characters in HeroClix, and from what we’ve seen in previews thus far they’re really going for it as a sub-theme with lots of characters, shared mechanics, and a visually connected style.  We’re going to start our look today with one of those figures, Bombshells 018 Poison Ivy!  An uncommon in the set, Pamela Ysley stands atop a huge unexploded bomb (like the other Bombshells figures) in a fierce pose.  Thanks to a side effect from special knock out perfume she crafted Pamela’s skin is pale green, and her darker green lingerie contrasts with it nicely.  Meanwhile, flowers decorate her striking long red hair.


Poison Ivy is a 50 point harassment piece with a 6 range and the shared “Bombshell” trait that gives her a Bombshell token when she attacks an enemy.  She can then spend those tokens to make a free attack when she has two action tokens, and you’ll want her attacking as often as possible with very good attack values.  The botanist starts the game with a special power granting her Mind Control with two targets, and as a bonus when she uses it she can spend Bombshell tokens to give action tokens to her victims!  After three clicks she trades in that power for Sidestep and Incapacitate (back to one target).  Defensively Poison Ivy is “soft” but very hard to hit with an entire dial of layered Shape Change and Super Senses.  Ivy plays best with other Bombshells, and she has that keyword as well as Scientist.


If you’re lucky enough to pull super rares from Harley Quinn & The Gotham Girls you may find 051 Supergirl in your booster!  Another Bombshell, the girl of steel leaps into the air from the same bomb base and wears her patriotic blue, red, gold, and white costume complete with “S” shield on her abdomen and a flying red scarf.  There’s great detail on her pleated blue skirt and her blonde hair whipping up into the air as well.


Supergirl clocks in at 160 points with the Superman Ally team ability, Flight, Indomitable, a 7 range, the same “Bombshell” trait we saw above on Poison Ivy, and a second trait that allows an adjacent friendly figure named Stargirl or with the Bombshells keyword to use Super Senses.  Her dial is fearsome with strong opening stats and a great suite of powers starting with Hypersonic Speed, Super Strength, Invincibility, and Leadership.  Supergirl remains a huge melee threat with a click of mid-dial Charge before switching to a standoff ranged role and two clicks of Running Shot and Penetrating/Psychic Blast before Charging once again late-dial.  Defensively once she drops Invincibility she has the tried and true progression of Impervious/Invulnerability/Toughness.  Supergirl can also be played at 130 points (starting on click #3), and has the Bombshells, Kryptonian, and Soldier keywords.


Lastly today we’re going to look at one of the chases from Harley Quinn & The Gotham Girls!  As we’ve seen in prior previews it appears as though the chases are based on the 2016 “Darkseid War” storyline in which Justice League members fought not one but two god-like beings.  And now we see that they’re joined by none other than 067 Wonder Woman! Diana wears her iconic costume with the cool silver details she rocked at the time, swinging her sword while defending herself with a shield.


Wonder Woman’s dial is a cost-friendly 125 points with Indomitable and two traits, the first of which prevents enemies of lower points within 6 squares from using Outwit.  Wonder Woman’s second trait, “Never Give Up,” gives her a Determination token every time an ally 50 points or more is KO’d; when Wonder Woman is KO’d if she has Determination tokens she comes back to life on her last click and immediately heals clicks equal to her number of tokens!  It will be tempting to run this figure with lots of low point allies as meat shields.  On the dial Diana has stellar attack and defense values with strong powers that come in three distinct phases.  She starts with Charge, Impervious, Exploit Weakness, and a special power boosting her damage by +2 against Deity figures AND inflicting -2 to damage on Deities attacking her.  Mid-dial Wonder Woman switches to Sidestep, Precision Strike, Toughness, and Close Combat Expert, while end-dial she has a two-click run of Blades/Claws/Fangs, Super Senses, and Battle Fury.  A powerful bruiser with a low point cost, Wonder Woman has the Amazon, Justice League, and Deity keywords.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these previews for figures from the upcoming Harley Quinn & The Gotham Girls set!  The expansion releases later this month, and in addition to the full booster set there will be a Batman Elseworlds Thrillkiller Fast Forces pack as well as the Bombshells-themed Harley Quinn & The Gotham Girls Dice & Token Pack.  Look for those wherever you get your HeroClix, and head to HeroClix.com for even more information!

-Scott Rubin

DC HeroClix Harley Quinn & The Gotham Girls: Poison Ivy, Supergirl, & Wonder Woman

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