Scott Rubin

If you happen to be a Star Trek fan and a HeroClix player like me, then 2012 was a big year for you.  That’s when WizKids Games unleashed the amazing amalgamation of the two things known as Star Trek Tactics HeroClix, a sub-set of the worldwide top selling collectible miniatures game featuring ships from the Trek universe!

After the first Tactics set was a huge success WizKids followed up on it with two more expansions, adding a plethora of vessels from different races and factions across the TV shows and films to the initial offering of Federation and Klingon spaceships.  And now we’re about to get more with Star Trek Tactics: Series IV, a new HeroClix set that’s bringing 28 unique sculpts.  Along with reinforcements for existing factions Series IV will be bringing Xindi and Andorians to the HeroClix battlefield for the first time, as well as ships from the “Kelvin Timeline” as seen in the current film series.  With that, we’ve got an exclusive first-look preview for you today, the U.S.S. Enterprise!


Since the first Tactics set was released fans have been clamoring for the inclusion of ships from the movies starting with the reboot in 2009, and now those calls for action have been answered in a powerful way.  The #022 U.S.S. Enterprise is a rare in the Tactics Series IV set and appears to boast a highly detailed sculpt capturing the unique re-envisioning of the classic starship that first hit TV screens in 1966.  This version retains the overall design featuring a saucer-shaped main hull with top-mounted bridge, underslung engineering hull with deflector dish, and two warp engine nacelles connected by graceful struts.  However, the modern take updates the curves along with new nacelles and lots of raised details all over the structure.  [Note: The 3D render appears to indicate that this HeroClix ship will utilize the (fantastic) Enterprise sculpt from 2011’s Star Trek Expeditions game from WizKids, but we’ll have to wait until we have it in hand to confirm.]


The new Enterprise warps into HeroClix with a mighty 150 point dial, matching the power level of previous Enterprise heavyweights like original Kirk’s iconic TV ship, the D, and the E.  #022 comes equipped with the Federation team ability (+1 defense when “attacked by a ship with two action tokens”), Flight, Indomitable, and a big 8 range.  Stats on the dial are solid for a Tactics ship, especially attack which never dips below 10s.  The Enterprise starts off the game with the heavy shielding of Invulnerability and two special powers stacking Running Shot and Sidestep and giving you the option of Spock’s Outwit or Kirk’s Perplex each turn!  Mid-dial the ship loses Running Shot but retains Sidestep as a standard power, is protected by Toughness as shields start to take hits, and gains Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  Even as the Enterprise suffers heavy damage you can never write it off; on its last two clicks its defense swings up with Regeneration, and Probability Control helps to avoid incoming fire or to break away from its enemies.  She’s a tough, mobile ship capable of doing a lot of damage (especially in the Tactics universe), and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of Starfleet captains running the Enterprise as their flagship.  For team building the ship has the obvious Federation keyword along with Scientist and Soldier.


Check out the Enterprise and the Klingon K’t’inga-Class from the Kelvin Timeline along with all of the other amazing ships when Star Trek Tactics Series IV releases later this month, available wherever you buy your HeroClix.  In addition to the single-ship booster countertop display there will be a four-ship Starter Set (featuring the Federation Enterprise and Hood and Romulan Algeron and Vorta Vor plus the newly updated rulebook and everything you need to play) and a release day organized play kit with alternate cards for ships in the set giving you different ways to play them!  Live long, play HeroClix, and prosper.

Scott Rubin

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