Guess who’s back, back again? The Minions are back, tell a friend! Despicable Me 3 hits theaters June 30, 2017, the film once again unleashing Gru and his army of Minions upon movie goers! I’ve enjoyed every movie in the series so far largely in part to the hilarious small, yellow creatures. Heck, even the movie studio understands this, as 2015 gave us an entire movie devoted to the Minions. DM3 promises tons of new looks for the little guys and Moose Toys is tapping Minion mania with a new series of Mystery Hangers!


Distributed exclusively in the U.S. via UCC Distributing, the Despicable Me “Minion Made” Mystery Hangers will hit store shelves May 1st. Series 1 (it appears there will be more!) delivers 12 different Minions to collect, including a few new characters seen in Despicable Me 3!


Each counter display includes 24 blind bagged figures, and since there are no rare chase figures in this assortment, that equates to two complete sets of twelve per case. Like past blind bagged assortments I’ve reviewed, each character is polybagged and protected by a cardboard sleeve. As you may have guessed, this cardboard sleeve also acts as a deterrent to blind feeling for a specific character. But that doesn’t matter because each character in this series is awesome! Oh, you also get a handy dandy character check list… collect them all!


A good chunk of this assortment are Minion characters we have seen before. The pair above – Au Naturel and Luau Jerry – come from the Minions movie.


Here’s a cool weapon toting duo: Cro-Minion (love that name!) and Masher Minion. I want to say we’ve seen “Masher” before, but I’m not quite sure which movie.


Speaking about looking familiar. Did we see these two in Despicable Me 2 when they were lured to the tropical island? Regardless, Tubing and Snorkeling Minion are two heavy duty PVC figures! Lot of bang for your buck with these guys.


Now here’s some new DM3 Minions: Mugshot Minion and Jail Time Mel! Looks like our little guys land themselves in the slammer! Well, at least one of them seems happy about it…


More new Minions! Beehive Minion and Cheddar Head Dave are sure to be highly sought-after characters in these wave. Love ’em!


Lastly we get the mastermind behind the group, Gru, along with my absolute favorite figure of the bunch: Hazmat Minion!


What a great series! These are some really fun, well-made, solid PVC figures. Their attached key ring clip make them perfect for hanging on display or for snapping on your backpack. Look for the Despicable Me Mystery Hangers Series 1 in stores May 1st (I know, because the box these came in explicitly said not to put these on shelves until then!). Despicable Me 3 hits theaters June 30, 2017!

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Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

Review Samples Courtesy of UCC Distributing

Despicable Me Mystery Hangers

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