Review and photos by Scott Rubin

Whether you’re a comic book reader or someone who just likes watching superheroes fight on the big screen, chances are you enjoyed the heck out of Captain America: Civil War last year.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe epic was hugely successful and massively popular, due in no small part to the conflict between the two iconic Avengers who got top billing.  Among the companies commemorating that film and the looks of the characters in it is Japanese statue giant Kotobukiya, and today I’m going to look at their 1/10th ARTFX+ Statues of Civil War Captain America and Iron Man Mark 46, two pieces that stand on their own AND work beautifully together.


While Tony Stark and Steve Rogers here belong to the same 1/10th scale as Kotobukiya’s other Marvel ARTFX+ Statues, because this is a movie line the packaging is unique.  Each character’s box features a prominent image of the statue dominating the front panel along with Cap’s shield as the background, the movie logo, superhero name, and a small image depicting the two statues together.  The sides of the packages have another shot of the statues, and the back panels are intense with background character art, another photo of the figure, the movie poster, and the duo again so you know what they’ll look like if you get both.  Inside you’ll find each statue snuggly held in a plastic clamshell, disassembled into a handful of easy to put together parts.


Both Captain America and Iron Man statues look pretty darn cool, and they really do capture the characters’ appearances in the movie to a tee.  Steve wears the latest incarnation of his stars and stripes costume with a padded dark blue bodysuit with red accents, heavy combat boots, a belt with pouches, a chest harness, gloves, and a helmet.  The blue suit also features a vertically striped red and white belly section while a silvery white star stands out from the chest.  Cap’s trusty helmet hugs the top of his head with cutouts for his ears, a built in mask, and straps going down past the ears and from chin to neck.  The All-American hero lunges forward over his left leg with his right arm held up ready to strike and his left holding out his shield.  Koto did a fantastic job on that patriotic icon both inside and out with a detailed backing with straps and a front in vivid colors.


On the other side of the superhero Civil War is Tony Stark, standing firm for justice and responsibility in his Mark 46 Iron Man armor!  The latest incarnation of the suit, this version sticks with a lot of the same design cues with respect to the overall sleek appearance, overlapping armor plating, interior technological components revealed at joints, the stoic faceplate, and of course the brilliant metallic red and gold paint scheme.  The Mark 46 is differentiated by some minor elements, the most notable being the chest-mounted circular arc reactor in an isosceles trapezoid housing.  Iron Man too is captured in a dynamic action pose, here in a twisting crouch as he brings a palm-mounted repulsor array to bear on opponents of the Sokovia Accords.  Even in full armor this statue conveys a great sense of movement with the fluid pose and the lifelike way Iron Man uses his left hand to support his firing arm.


While most of Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ statues come with magnets in their feet and plain metal display bases, Captain America and Iron Man here instead have unique terrain bases that look really nice individually and even better together.  The blasted urban landscapes connect, and in doing so you can recreate the heart-stopping scenes in the film (and comic!) when these two heroes come to blows.  Even in 1/10th scale both statues have a high degree of sculpted detail with great paint applications and both capture the iconic and specific look of the character from the hit Marvel film.


Kotobukiya’s Captain America: Civil War ARTFX+ Statues are highly recommended for fans of the movie and the characters of Captain America and Iron Man.  Whether you display them separately or together these two really show off the quality and sophistication of the 1/10th scale AND you don’t need a huge amount of space for them.  Both Captain America and Iron Man Mark 46 are available now from your local comic book/specialty store as well as online retailers for approximately $65-70 each, which means that with comparable detail and craftsmanship they’re also a lot more affordable than a lot of large-scale statues!

Review and photos by Scott Rubin

Civil War Captain America and Iron Man Mark 46

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