REVIEW: REVIEW: Comicave Studios Die-Cast IRON MAN 1/12 Scale "Shotgun"

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    REVIEW: Comicave Studios Die-Cast IRON MAN 1/12 Scale "Shotgun"

    Premium Action Figure Release For The Serious Iron Man Collector...

    As announced during San Diego Comic-Con (HERE), Bluefin has expanded their relationship with Singapore based Comicave Studios ( to distribute several really cool upcoming product lines. One such product line is a series of die-cast Iron Man action figures ranging in size from 1/12 and 1/4 scales. Today we're taking a look at the first release in the smaller scale, the Iron Man 1/12 Scale "Shotgun". The Shotgun is just now starting to appear at select online and brick and mortar retailers priced at a MSRP of $140.00. has the figure for pre-order priced at $134.99.

    As the Shotgun's price tag would indicate, this is a premium action figure offering. The packaging reflects that high quality with an attractive window box design, complete with magnetic closing lid. Highly reflective foil stamp is used to eye-catching effect for Comicave's logo in the upper right-hand corner, as well as the call-out in the lower left-hand corner stating "75% Die-Cast Metal". Color me intrigued... let's open this bad boy up.

    As mentioned, the Iron Man Shotgun stands in 1/12th scale. That's fancy talk for a 6-inch tall action figure. While not towering huge, collectors will be happy to know that the Shotgun fits in quite nicely with Hasbro's Marvel Legends line, especially that extensive Iron Man 3 wave that came out back with the film's release. The Shotgun is from Iron Man 3, which brings me to another highlight of this figure: this is a first (to my knowledge) of this particular armor being made into an action figure. Sure, Hot Toys has recently announced plans for a 1/6th scale Shotgun, but for right now fans that want new House Party Protocol action - in 6-inch scale no less - need look no further than Comicave Studios.

    Despite the Shotgun's 75% die-cast construction, the Shotgun really isn't that heavy. Durable, for sure, but not the brick of heavy metal I was expecting to hold. I guess the die-cast metal of my youth, that being those super heavy Shogun Warrior action figures from Mattel, just isn't the same these days. Modern light-weight alloys and all, I suppose. Regardless, the Shotgun impresses with a crisp detailed sculpt and just tons of fun articulation. Playing around this figure is a blast with tight ball-joints everywhere. Double knee joints allow for deep battle stances, while double joints at the waist let the Shotgun pivot all around.

    There's even a hinged joint at the neck on top of the already awesome ball-jointed head, and select armor panels - such as those found on the waist and shoulders - are all hinged for greater flexibility. Even the dark visor on the figure can be positioned up or down.

    This figure is already off to an incredible start, featuring amazing sculpt, solid construction and a massive range of movement. It gets even better with the slew of add-on accessories. First off, you get your very own shammy cloth to buff up your Shotgun figure! How's that for awesome? Also provided are numerous alternate hand gestures, including closed fists, slightly open hands, and two pairs of splayed hands bent at the wrists for repulsor beam action.

    One of these splayed sets is specially designed with a peg hole that accepts two plug-in blast effects. Cast in translucent orange plastic, these fiery beam blasts look insanely cool. There is also a third, larger blast effect provided that jacks into a hidden hole on the Shotgun's back to replicate the Iron Man armor in flight.

    To complete that illusion of the Iron Man armor flying, Comicave provides an excellent themed display base, the type usually reserved for 1/6th scale action figures. Offered is your choice of a clear solid rod (to appear as if he is really flying!), as well as a flexible black metal armature (for more dynamic aerial action). Both support systems feature a claw-like clamp that attaches to the figure.

    Other Shotgun features and goodies include a light-up chest repulsor beam, as well as the figures eyes. By flicking a switch on the figure's back, all three sections illuminate with a piercing blue light. All this happens right out of the box - just flip the switch and you're good to go! When your included batteries (button cell) eventually die out, they can be accessed by pulling the Shotgun apart at the waist (it's not as painful as it sounds) and unscrewing the battery compartment. As an extra nod to the figure's premium status, a small Phillips-head screwdriver is provided.

    Hasbro's Marvel Legends War Machine Next to Comicave's Super Alloy Shotgun

    Great sculpt, incredible construction, and just tons of fun articulation and accessories - Comicave's Iron Man 1/12 Scale "Shotgun" is pretty much a home run of a collectible, all presented with lots of love and care for the property. Premium certainly defines this toy, however that premium status does come at a price. No doubt about it, $140 is a lot of money to spend on a 6-inch figure. $80 I can easily see, but at $140 we're entering dangerously close to high-end 1/6th scale action figure territory, making the value of this figure more uncertain. However, like everything in life - especially in this amazing hobby - it comes down to what you really enjoy or want in a toy. Comicave's Shotgun action figure is like a Lamborghini in the 6-inch action figure world. If you have the monetary means to spend on the best, then you're in for one helluva ride.

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

    Review Sample Courtesy of Bluefin Distribution

    Hasbro's 6" Black Series Kylo Ren Next to Comicave's Super Alloy Shotgun

    To buy action figures, take a look at,,,,,, and

    For hobby miniatures and all your gaming needs, visit

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