Review and photos by Scott Rubin

Happy New Year, Pathfinder players and fans! If you missed it, partners WizKids Games and KidRobot unleashed some really fun new items for the fantasy role-playing game giant right at the end of 2022, and we’re going to look at a couple of those today. And of course, it wouldn’t be awesome Pathfinder stuff without featuring their iconic (and hilarious) goblins. The latest addition to WizKids’ pre-painted miniatures line is the Pathfinder Battles Goblin Vanguard Pack, while KidRobot takes its Phunny line into Pathfinder with a Goblin and a Kobold!



As they’ve done with other miniature lines, WizKids is introducing a new product line featuring multiple unique miniatures that you can use all at once or individually with its new Pathfinder Battles Vanguards. As any GM knows, when it comes to monsters and hordes you never just need one mini; you need a whole bunch! This first set is the Goblin Vanguard, which is pretty perfect as Pathfinder’s goblins have become so iconic and synonymous with the RPG itself.


What’s included in this pack? You get no fewer than six of the little buggers with very different themes and looks: Goblin Champion, Goblin Cleric, Mutant Goblin, Goblin Wizard, Goblin Rogue, and Goblin Investigator. These miniatures are highly detailed with great sculpts and lots of paint applications to bring out their full characters. The goblins range wildly in theme and looks. Goblin Champion is ready for the front lines in full silvery battle armor with a cleaver-like sword and shield, while the Goblin Rogue is much more stealthy in a brown leather outfit and hood with a vicious dagger.


Two spellcasters spice things up and add color; the Goblin Wizard wears dark green robes beneath a big hat and holds a translucent sphere while the Goblin Cleric stands tall in a blue tunic with gold necklace and a staff topped by an orange stone. And then there are the truly unique models. Goblin Investigator is a super versatile smart character with its monocle and book, and the Mutant Goblin is a sight to behold as it takes to the air on three misshapen wings! All of the goblins have classic green skin and dynamic facial expressions to match their fun poses.


As I’ve written about other WizKids pre-painted multipacks, I absolutely love this type of product because of all the options it gives me. When my son and his Pathfinder adventuring party next encounters goblins, you can bet it’ll feature some of these interesting characters. RPG players and GMs tend to collect a lot of minis over the years, and too often that includes lots of duplicates of monsters and evil types that are just plain boring to field. The Goblin Vanguard means your players will have unique threats to face, and of course these minis can also be used as interesting NPCs or even unique player characters! And all with that Pathfinder goblin charm. Lastly, it must be said that like all great miniatures these are by no means locked into only Pathfinder games, and you can certainly use them for other role-playing sessions, replacements for board game meeples, etc.


Speaking of how great Pathfinder goblins are, it was a perfect fit for KidRobot to kick off its Phunny line with one of them! Phunnys are approximately 8-inch plush figures, celebrating characters, creatures, and more from a variety of licenses. Pathfinder is the latest addition to that menagerie, and KidRobot has two initial offerings.


The first is an irascible goblin with its trademark toothy grin, and this thing is really covered in fun details. It’s got the big ears, round red eyes, a big stabby knife, skull accent on its chest, and even a pile of gold coins in its outstretched hand!


The second creature after the goblin is the draconic kobold, and while scaly in game this version is soft and squishy. The kobold has a cute dinosaur look to it with a big snout, goofy little eyes, teeth poking out of its closed mouth, horns, claws, a stabilizing tail, and a cute little outfit. It even has a little belt pouch for loot and treasure! Soft and cuddly, these creatures are sure to steal your heart.



Start your new year off the right away and go goblin mode with these awesome Pathfinder creatures! Game Masters are going to love the Goblin Vanguard set, as will anyone interested in playing the little monsters or who are just fans of the iconic Pathfinder design; the minis look great and are highly useable in your games. Goblin Vanguard is available now wherever you purchase your minis, MSRP $49.92. And for those who like your monsters a little more snuggly, the goblin and kobold Phunnys from KidRobot are a perfect match; they’re adorable and just the right amount of ugly! Also available now, each Phunny is nearly 7 inches tall, MSRP $16.99 each.

Review and photos by Scott Rubin

Review samples courtesy of WizKids Games

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