“No longer imprisoned in the Nine Hells, Tiamat makes her triumphant ascent and claims the Well of Dragons as her lair.”

Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Tiamat Statue, an incredible Dungeons & Dragons collectible for adventurers.

Inspired by the terrifying five-headed draconic goddess, the Tiamat Statue measures 28” tall, 31” wide, and 37.5” deep. She stands on a rocky lava pool cave base that has a footprint of 15” wide and 16” deep. Tiamat has clawed feet, massive wings, and a spiny tail for attacking would-be heroes and protecting her hoard.

Her five dragon heads are sculpted with detailed scales, snarling mouths full of fangs, and various horns to reflect their unique powers. The acid-breathing black dragon, poison-spraying green dragon, fire-breathing red dragon, lightning-spitting blue dragon, and frost-breathing white dragon are all ready to destroy the realms with their chaotic evil urges.

Stay tuned for pre-order details…