Robotech fans, this is what we’ve been waiting for. Kids Logic has been producing incredibly detailed resin Robotech miniatures for a couple years now, and dipped a toe into the full miniatures game pool with the release of their standard Dog Fight boxed starter set last year (see our advance review of that game HERE). We loved that initial offering, but had a lot of questions about where the game was going and how it would incorporate other mecha miniatures from the line and beyond. Well, Kids Logic is about to answer all of that and more.

Head photo of KS

In just days, the MiniTech Robotech Macross Dog Fight Kickstarter will go live, bringing the Dog Fight game to a wider audience and massively building upon it. The new “Basic Edition” appears to be the same as that initial product (again, see our previous review for a complete rundown of it and its fun and unique mechanics), and while you can pick up that original box at a discount that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The full Core Edition brings you everything in that starter plus a dozen more miniatures and whatever stretch goals get unlocked! We’re talking Veritechs, Destroids, multiple types of Zentraedi battlepods, and more. Stretch goals could potentially add quite a few more minis and additional components to that pledge.

For the hardcore, Kids Logic has yet more. A Collector’s Edition pledge level introduces capital ships with models of the SDF-1 (including a Kickstarter exclusive mode) and Zentraedi Flagship! There are plenty of original MiniTech Robotech miniatures available through the campaign as add ons, and a couple of more “complete” pledge tiers to collect everything all at once.

The Kids Logic MiniTech Robotech Macross Dog Fight Kickstarter goes live April 12th, and it’s going to be big. These are the same MiniTech miniatures that have been wowing fans around the world, and an already fun game being expanded so you can play with all of them. There are new minis, and with stretch goals the possibilities are endless! Personally, I can’t wait for the big spaceship models and some of the super fun minis straight out of specific scenes from the classic cartoon. Sign up for a notification when the Kickstarter goes live here: