On the wooden foundation of the remains of Mansion X, an automaton replicated from the wild Canadian mutant named Logan unsheathes its claws from its fists and prepares its reconstructed half-machine and half-man body for imminent combat. On his back, a seemingly harmless little girl in a pink dress uses her advanced intellect to direct her counterpart, friend and ally, to join the group of mutant heroes X-Men against the gigantic Sentinel robots controlled by Magneto, and their allies of the Mutant Brotherhood. Thus, Iron Studios presents its statue of Albert and Elsie-Dee – the unusual android allies of Wolverine and the X-Men!

The Albert and Elsie-Dee 1/10 BDS Art Scale Statue stands 8.2 inches tall and is cast in polystone. X-Men fans can add it to their collections in the third quarter of 2022 priced at $239.99. Scroll on for more pictures!

Albert and Elsie-Dee-IS_14