From Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it’s Knightmare Batman as a new MiniCo PVC figure from Iron Studios! This stylized collectible stands 6.6 inches tall, depicting Batman as he appeared in the apocalyptic dream sequence in the DC movie.

In this alternate timeline reality, Batman is the leader of a rebel group called “The Insurgency”, which opposes the dominance imposed by an evil version of Superman, controlled by the villain Darkseid. Alerted by the Flash, as he travels to the past, and with the help of a time machine called the cosmic treadmill created by Cyborg, Batman must use all his intelligence and detective skills to understand his sprinter friend’s message to change that line temporal and save the future.

Batman fans can add this MiniCo figure to their collections in the second quarter of 2022 priced at $34.99. Scroll on for more photos!

Knightmare Batman-MiniCo-IS_09