Power-Con 2021 approaches this weekend (September 11-12) and along for the Masters of the Universe celebration will be Mondo! Below are two show exclusives avid He-Man (and Skeletor) fans can get their hands on!


HORDAK 1:6 Scale Figure – Classic Variant – Limited Edition – $250

The leader of the Evil Horde, and former master of Skeletor, Hordak is one of Eternia’s most infamous adversaries. Betrayed by his former pupil, Skeletor, Hordak was locked away in a different dimension only to soon escape and plot his revenge. Returning with his army, the Evil Horde, Hordak vowed to destroy Skeletor and take down He-Man and Castle Grayskull in the process!

The Hordak Classic variant of our previously released Hordak figure celebrates the evil leader’s classic appearance. Featuring a new colorway and head sculpt, the Hordak Classic figure comes with many of the accessories the original Hordak release came with, including: Hordak’s Staff, white crossbow, arm cannon and 4 pairs of swappable hands. Special to this release is the addition of Imp, Hordak’s blue little pet. This mini figure comes exclusively with this variant. This figure will be available for pre-order at Power-Con 2021 for $250. Those attending the show will have first access at pre-ordering this limited edition figure. Any remaining stock will be released online on the following Tuesday, 9/14.


SKELTOR 20oz Tiki Mug – Bone Variant – Limited Edition – Limited edition of 1000 pieces, $55

Get ready to conquer Eternia … with tiki drinks in hand! Mondo presents: the mighty Skeletor Tiki mug! This menacing 20oz mug features amazing hand-carved details, showcasing both Skeletor and Snake Mountain. Snagging this Limited Edition Bone colorway is the perfect excuse to put down your Power Swords, sit back, and enjoy the view from atop Snake Mountain.

Designed by Florian Bertmer, the Bone variant will be available in very limited quantities at Power-Con 2021. The remaining mugs will then be released online the following Tuesday, 9/14