Hasbro invites Transformers fans to make history by introducing Japanese anime canon into the Transformers line for the first time in 30 years with the latest Transformers HasLab project: Victory Saber!

HasLab needs 11,000 backers to bring the Supreme Commander of the Autobots and the greatest swordsman in the universe to our world, featuring new innovation and articulation for Transformers that has never been done before.

Victory Saber is priced at $179.99. If the project meets its minimum backing goal, the Leader of the Galactic Defense Force will include:

  • 1-inch Brain of Courage Brainmaster figure
  • 5-inch Autobot Saber figure
  • 8.5-inch V-Star jet
  • 7.5-inch Victory Leo figure
  • Sword of Justice accessory
  • Includes: 3 figures, jet, accessory, and instructions.

To support this project, CLICK HERE.