Following last month’s announcement of a 50th Anniversary Willy Wonka Statue, Iron Studios shares a look at the Golden Ticket a few lucky collectors will find! 

The collectors who find one of the 5 Golden Tickets will win a statue of Iron Studios’ Willy Wonka 1/10 Art Scale statue… in an exclusive golden color! The piece will be numbered (1 of 5!) and will also have an exclusive art print of the statue, autographed by the Iron Studios team.

Also, Willy Wonka fans can win a trip to São Paulo, Brazil (obviously this will only happen when everything is normal, and the pandemic is over) to visit the creative studios from Iron Studios and meet their team, visit the Concept Stores and take a ride in our “Porsche Cup” car. It will be an incredible experience, with all expenses paid!

Go to and complete your registration to get updates.

Ticket Willy Wonka_02