Super7 has found its niche in the toy industry – producing affordable nostalgic collectibles as part of their simple ReAction series, along with high-end nostalgic action figures in their fully articulated and accessorized ULTIMATES! range. The key to both of these series successes involves heaping doses of retro love.  Case in point: the first ULTIMATES! first in-scale vehicle: the ThunderCats ULTIMATES! ThunderTank (see our preview story HERE). 

A bigger and better vision of the one you wanted as a kid, the ULTIMATES! ThunderTank features cartoon accurate deco, opening cargo bay doors, mechanical jaw and arms, hidden cannons, glow-in-the-dark eyes, rolling wheels, and more.


Measuring 27 inches long and 17 inches wide, the ULTIMATES! ThunderTank can carry up to six ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figures. Super7 claims that you can fit four original ThunderTanks inside their ULTIMATES! version.

Pre-orders are now open until April 2, 2021, the TunderTank priced at  $450 plus $40 shipping to the United States & Puerto Rico. A payment plan and international options are also available! Expected delivery is Q1 2022.