First 4 Figures presents the fifth statue in their Okami lineup of collectibles: the Chibiterasu vs. Dark Chibiterasu & Possessed Kuni Statue! A standard and Exclusive Edition of this piece are being offered, both priced at $484.99. Certain parts on the Exclusive Edition light up. Chibiterasu’s Divine Instrument, the Divine Retribution, has LED lights in them, as well as Dark Chibiterasu’s markings and both his and Kuni’s eyes.


The statue’s concept is inspired by the final boss battle in Okamiden, where Chibiterasu and Isshaku are teleported to a new area and find a mysterious mirror in the middle of the stage. After closer inspection, Chibiterasu’s reflection slowly begins to transform into an evil version of himself and breaks free from the mirror. And from a cloud of smoke emerged Chibi’s partner, Kuni, who has been possessed by the spirit aggregate of all darkness, Akuro, the main antagonist of Okamiden. Mounting Dark Chibiterasu, the final battle between light and dark was about to begin for the safety of all of Nippon.