Toy Sapiens, a collectible’s manufacturer based in Japan, shares news of an exciting new Marvel product line called Heroic Hands. Life-size, each 1:1 scale resin collectible represents a powerful crime-fighting fist.

Exclusive to the Japanese market, the Heroic Hands series launches November 30th with three recognizable Marvel mitts: Spider-Man and his iconic webshooter, Iron Man and his repulsor beam, and Deadpool with a…  lollipop! Each piece will be priced at 15,000 yen (around $143 US) with local consumption tax included per unit. 

Toy Sapiens will be announcing cool color variants on the initial assortment, and a second series is also in development. Check out the new Heroic Hands photos in our gallery below! To find a Toy Sapiens store in Japan, visit their website HERE.