5 Points Mezco’s Monsters: Glow-in-the-Dark Frankenstein Monster


5 Points presents The Frankenstein Monster as the first offering of Mezco’s Monsters!

Constructed from corpses by the infamous Dr. Frankenstein and resurrected by curious machines powered by a bolt of lightning, The Frankenstein Monster terrorized the countryside in search of vengeance.

The Frankenstein Monster is Mezco’s own rendition of the iconic creature, which features a removable parietal bone that exposes his brain. This limited edition, translucent green variant glows in the dark and is sure to illuminate your collection of classic monsters.

The 5 Points Mezco’s Monsters: Glow-in-the-Dark The Frankenstein Monster is packaged on a retro blister card, perfect for display and is available now at mezcotoyz.com priced at $13.13.





  1. Ty T. Motekaitis

    Love to one day see Erik the Phantom of the Opera as the Red Death.

    • Biggmonsterman666

      Super7 did an Erik the Phantom in the Red Death costume last year. They’re still available.

      Mezco’s Monsters are non-Universal licensed figures. Although, I suppose they could create an original figure based solely on the original book.

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