Following their successful Spawn Action Figure Kickstarter (read our story HERE), McFarlane Toys shares news that thier next Spawn project will be Medieval Spawn. The ancient armored-clad version Todd’s comic book anti-hero is a fan-favorite, having made numerous appearance throughout the Spawn action figure line (see out Best Of Spawn Action Figures piece).

While no prototypes were shown, Todd McFarlane showed off their Medieval Spawn statue as an example of what could be done with the Medieval Spawn action figure  Kickstarter. Todd would like to have numerous weapons, including battle axe, sword and flail, some/all cast in real metal if possible. Other details included the inclusion of multiple head sculpts, including various helmeted designs, un-masked, and unmasked head with a removable helmet, and even a head sculpt with a helmet with retractable visor exposing the hamburger head beneath!

Sounds exciting and if the massive popularity of the first Spawn Kickstarter is any indication, the Medieval Spawn project should sail through. Check out McFarlane’s Facebook video HERE and stay tuned for details!