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Super7 Spectacular Still-at-Home-ic-con Specials

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New York Comic Con may be a no-go this year, but at least you can still pick up some new exclusive toys! The Super7 Spectacular Still-at-Home-ic-con Special kicks off now with the following exclusives available for order at super7.com:


Transformers Super Cyborg -Soundwave Clear – $75

The Decepticon Communications Officer, Soundwave, arrives as a giant 11″ tall Super Cyborg! In full X-Ray fashion, this figures is fully clear, and comes with removable Lazerbeak cassette, as well as Soundwave’s signature shoulder cannon & concussion blaster.

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Killer Bootlegs ReAction Figure – Draco Knuckleduster V2 (OG Pink and Dark Blue) – $18

his ReAction figure, a collaboration with Killer Bootlegs, comes with four points of articulation, a sword accessory, a hand cut vinyl cape, and colored pink and dark blue.

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Killer Bootlegs ReAction Figure – Phantom Starkiller (Transparent Grey Silver Glitter Spectre) – $18

Beware – The Phantom Starkiller returns! The Cosmic Ghoul Warrior from Killer Bootlegs is back in black with silver glitter on a foil stamped card. Exclusive for Still-at-Home-ic-con.

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Healeymade ReAction – Hellbent (Blue) – $18

The mysterious assassin Hell-Bent emerges from the shadows, on a mission of unknown origin! From Healeymade and Super7, the Devil’s Bounty takes no mercy and no prisoners. This card art is a homage to the Turkish Uzay Bluestar Figures.

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Garbage Pail Kids ReAction Figure – Adam Bomb – $20

The iconic Garbage Pail Kid Adam Bomb joins the 3.75” ReAction Figure world! The card art is from the original 1985 GPK Topps sticker pack.

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SpongeBob ReAction Figures Wave 1 – Krusty Krab Meal – $75

Are ya ready, kids?! The Krusty Krab meal is now ready to order from Super7! Featuring All your favorite Bikini Bottom residents, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, & Mr. Krabs! Packaged in premium kid’s meal style packaging, the Krusty Krab Meal, includes free adjustable Krusty Krab paper cap.


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  1. Ty T. Motekaitis

    These are AMAZING I LOVE THEM! For next year I hope to see fresh new reaction figures like Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox, GI Joe and Back to the Future’s Lorraine Baines in her 1955 pink prom dress.

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