Super7’s next wave of TMNT Ultimates! includes the tech genius and a few allies, ready to get after those scuzzbuckets and lawbreakers!

Donatello, Muckman & Joe Eyeball, Mondo Gecko, and Casey Jones are now ready for pre-order at priced at $45 each.



The Don’ comes packed with extra accessories including alternate head and hands, his trusty communicator, and the classic weapon rack including; kama, turtle fist daggers, bo staff, and ninja stars.


Muckman & Joe Eyeball

He looks like something a garbage truck rejected, and his bug-eyed friend isn’t much better – it’s the dynamic duo, the twosome of trash – Muckman and Joe Eyeball, now in ULTIMATES! form.


Mondo Gecko

Mondo comes dressed in his 80s flair, with a huge collection of accessories including alternate head, alternate hands, and a turbo-charged sewer skateboard.


Casey Jones

This 7″ highly-articulated action figure is made-to-order and limited edition, and features alternate hands, a golf bag full of weapons, and a hockey net weapons rack.