McFarlane Toys DUNE Action Figures Revealed


As announced back in May, McFarlane Toys had been awarded the license to produce action figures based on Denis Villeneuve’s anticipated sci-fi motion picture DUNE. With the first trailer released (posted below), McFarlane can now share a look at their new collectibles.

McFarlane Toys reveals that the first 7-inch scale figures will be a Build-A-Figure wave. Given that all the characters are wearing stillsuits to survive the harsh desert of the planet Arrakis, I’m gonna go out on a limb a guess that the build-a-fig is a sandworm. If not, we better get a sandworm collectible! Stay tuned for further details…




    Ummm- except the sandworm would be 100x bigger than the other figures- in the new movie it is massive…

  2. Green_Lumux

    The build-a-figure has been revelaed to be Bautista’s character Rabban!


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