Instead of participating in [email protected] back in July, Kotobukiya recently streamed their own event! Reveals (more like an update, as most items have already been revealed) during the Kotobukiya Summer Expo included:


  • New ARTFX+ figures of Lando (more coverage HERE), Qui-Go (more coverage HERE), X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker (more coverage HERE), TIE Fighter Pilot (more coverage HERE), and a Scout Trooper (more coverage HERE).
  • ARTFX Artist Series: Tusken Raider (more coverage HERE), Kylo Ren (more coverage HERE), and Rey (more coverage HERE)


  • New ARTFX statues of Loki (more coverage HERE), Age of Ultron Thor (new images in the gallery below!)
  • New ARTFX Premier Statues of Black Cat (more coverage HERE) and Captain Marvel (more coverage HERE)
  • Fine Art States of Wolverine (more coverage HERE), Captain America (new images in the gallery below!), Maximum Carnage, Cyclops (new images in the gallery below!), and Thanos
  • Bishoujo state of Black Cat (more coverage HERE)