What do you get when you cross a fanatical bunch of toy makers with one of the most imaginative brands on earth? Pure magic.


Super7 announces a new creative collaboration with Disney: new Disney ULTIMATES! figures. The series kicks off with:

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (Fantasia) – Figure is super poseable and features three interchangeable expressive heads, interchangeable hands, two water buckets, an animated broom, an axe and the Sorcerer’s giant spell book. The Ultimates! Figure is also dressed in a tailored, velvety-soft wizard robe with a real rope tied waistband.

Pinocchio (Pinocchio) – Figure is super poseable with 3 interchangeable heads showing his growing nose, interchangeable hands, his conscience Jiminy Cricket (of course), a school book, an axe, an apple, Cleo’s fishbowl, Figaro the Cat, and a fabric vest with gold trim.

Prince John (Robin Hood) – Figure is super poseable and features three interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands with and without the jewels of his rings, two versions of his slithering assistant Sir Hiss, a vanity mirror, and a plush velvet robe with a fur trim.

The first assortment of Disney ULTIMATES! figure are available for pre-order now through Super7.com priced at $45 each (or $135 for all 3).