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New York Toy Fair 2020: Play Monster


Known for its toys for little ones and wide array of board games, Play Monster got a lot of attention at New York Toy Fair 2020 for something quite a bit different. But before we get to that, we also checked out their lineup of upcoming products like fun twists on the “Escape Room” genre with break IN games and a board game that incorporates a drone like you’ve never seen before. There there’s the ongoing brand My Singing Monsters, adorable and weird creatures that sing to themselves or along with their friends! They’re great, and you can see them in our photo gallery down below.

However, we were most excited to see the new spaceship lineup from Play Monster called Snap Ship! Advertised all over Toy Fair, this toy line consists of buildable spaceships that incorporate central block cores, tons of unique and cool cosmetic parts, fearsome-looking weaponry, miniature pilot figures, and so much more. UJU Technology provides Snap Ships with additional weapons and battle features, and are provided in translucent plastic that makes your ships look even better. But wait, there’s more! All of the parts are interchangeable so you can build and rebuild your ships in different ways, and mix and match them. The ships also connect to a seriously powerful AR app you can use to catalogue your parts, get instructions for standard builds, test and play with special features, fire weapons and travel the universe, and lots more! I had a blast playing with the Snap Ships, and I can’t wait for this line. Scroll down for pics of all the awesome spaceships!

-Scott Rubin


  1. Maija Merchant

    I saw this at Toy Fair and I can confirm that it is cool!!

  2. Rachel Vargas-Trevino

    When will the my singing monsters figures series 2 will come out.

  3. Amanda Stitz

    We haven’t been able to find season 2 My Singing Monster toys in stores or online. Any idea when they will be released to the public?

  4. Mary Jo Matey

    WAITING for Series 2 ,,, where can they be purchased ??

  5. Shane

    Dude, when is my singing monsters series 2 coming out, ITS BEEN LIKE 8 MONTHS AFTER IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RELEASED

  6. Karen

    If there is enough interest for the toy district, then MSM toys will be able to release series 2 sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. Also, what were the two monsters that can be minis for series 2? Maybe the Tweedle and the Oaktopus.

  7. Sebastian P

    We are totally interested in series 2! Would buy them all!

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