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New York Toy Fair 2020: Bandai W40k Primaris Marine Action Figure


Announced back in September HERE was the exciting news that Bandai would be producing a fully articulated action figure pulled from Games Workshop’s incredible sci-fi tabletop game, Warhammer 40k. Standing 8-inches tall, the figure depicts a Primaris Intercessor; a mighty Ultramarine Space Marine sworn to protect the Imperium of Man from the evils of Chaos. 


On display at the Games Workshop booth at Toy Fair 2020 was the final production figure, armed with his powerful bolt rifle, combat knife, 50 points of articulation and an amazing sculpt. The figure’s plastic build, while a little lighter than I expected, was a blast to pose and display featuring a wide array of nice and clicky ratchet joints. even the shoulder pauldrons are on a ball-joint. Also shown was the figure’s large shoe box packaging (pictured below).


Games Workshop informed us that the Primaris Intercessor action figure is currently on a boat to U.S. warehouses for shipping next month. This initital pre-order for this figure was limited to only 10,000 pieces (9k devoted to Games-Workshop.com) and was priced at $100. For those that missed out, Games Workshop stated that there are plans to release this Space Marine figure in other chapter heraldry. Asked if classic Space Marine designs were on the table, Games Workshop said no, that the focus is on the new Primaris Marines. However, they did saythat other races (Eldar was mentioned) are a possibilityin the future.



  1. Riccardo Zucchelli

    Wow, so sad I only ordered one 🙁

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