There are always cute and fun collectibles coming from Cryptozoic, and we couldn’t wait to see what was new and upcoming from the company at New York Toy Fair 2020.  Immediately upon visiting their booth we were dazzled by the colorful figures!  On hand were plenty of their current and previously available items, along with some exciting new things.  At the top of the list for us was the Batman Returns Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman who looks amazing with the stitched-look costume and stray hair.

Also on hand were Cryptozoic’s signature Cryptkins.  After the first two series of blind box mini figures they’re going big with 5 inch scale Cryptkins Unleashed!  These will come in window boxes, with each case including a skeleton-themed chase variant of each standard design ($15 SRP): Loch Ness Monster, Cthulhu, Chupacabra, and Bob (the Cryptozoic mascot).  The line will also include the larger Cerberus, a $25 SRP offering direct from Cryptozoic’s store.  Oh, and for you current Cryptkins fans, they’ll be returning to Series 3 of the minis next.

Scroll down to see Catwoman, Cryptkins Unleashed, the first wave of 2020 convention exclusives, Wonder Woman, and everything else on display from Cryptozoic!

-Scott Rubin