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New York Toy Fair 2020: Well Played Toys


One of the coolest part of New York Toy Fair is walking around and seeing something unexpected, from a toy company you don’t know.  On day one that happened to our team when we encountered Well Played Toys!  They caught our eye with two fan-favorite properties: Lost in Space and Borderlands 3.

For the former, Well Played has created action figures of the main characters (and robot!) from the modern Netflix series, with both 6 inch and 3 3/4 inch figures.  They feature the Robinson family in their space suits, with Will in a parka as well.  The Robot, of course, is awesome too; in the 6 inch scale it comes in standard and “Scarecrow” versions!  There’s even a B-9 robot from the original series.

If you’re a video game person, chances are good you’ll be interested in Well Played’s Borderlands 3 line of cool small scale weapon replicas.  These come in minis as well as larger versions that have accessory loot packs to modify and upgrade yours!

All of these items on display were pending licensor approval.  Hopefully we’ll see them at retail soon!

-Scott Rubin


  1. MisterPL

    Very cool! As a 3 3/4″ figure collector (and a big fan of Lost in Space) I’ll be looking for these.

  2. Michael

    I recall last year they spoke of also doing 3.75″ figure based on the original Lost in Space. Was there any evidence of this at the show?

  3. Maureen13

    I only one like will in coat
    And robot and Dr Smith and don west and John
    I just don’t like Judy and penny

  4. Daniel J Schmeichel

    This is really kool. I was hoping they would do action figures for this show I want them. When are the supposed to come out????

  5. Maureen13

    When are the supposed to come out????

  6. Maureen13

    Lost in space figure s

  7. Ani

    When do they come out.
    My brother is a big fan and I want to give them to him for his birthday on June 27.

  8. Josh

    I just want Robot

  9. Gail

    when are they coming out

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