Inspired by the concept of their Iron Man Hall of Armor Miniature Collectibles (see our story HERE), Hot Toys presents a new armory highlighting Spider-Man’s many suits.

Turning Spidey’s highly stylized suits, as they appeared in the critically acclaimed and bestselling video game, to unique displays, Hot Toys’ Spider-Man Armory Miniature Collectibles features the Advanced Suit, Classic Suit, Future Foundation Suit, Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit, Spider Armor MK III Suit, and Anti-Ock Suit. Each suit can be pruchased individually.

Like the Iron Man Hall of Armor, each Spider-Man Armory Miniature Collectible measures approximately 5 inches tall, whereas miniature figure stands a little over 3 inches tall. Each features a light-up LED function and can be combined and rearranged in different ways for endless display possibilities.

Hot Toys - SM - Spider-Man Armory Miniature Collectible Set_PR8

Marvel’s Spider-Man Spider-Man Armory Miniature Collectible Set, available only in selected markets, includes a backpack and a web effect accessory exclusively for fans to place around the diorama setting.

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