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Toy Fair New York 2019: Mattel


Toy giant Mattel had a press event in their epic showroom on Day 3 of Toy Fair New York 2019, though it was a bit understated with respect to what they had on display. With the DC license ending there was a smaller collector presence, though there were still dinosaurs of Jurassic Park/World, Hot Wheels, WWE, Toy Story, and much more. Scroll down to visit the display virtually with our complete photo gallery, where you’ll see:

  • Pokemon Detective Pikachu: Mega Construx large figures, playsets

  • Toy Story 4: large figures, small figures, minis, vehicles, and crossovers with ImagiNext, Hot Wheels, and Barbie. Plus apparel and role-play items

  • Breakout Beasts: 2 in 1 fusion beasts, buildable creatures in hatchable eggs

  • Jurassic World: Dino Rivals dinosaur toys, small figure Snap Squad

  • Super Hero Girls
  • WWE: belts, retro figures, Ultimate Collection, Elite Collection, Performance Center

  • DC: final figures in 12″ and Multiverse 6″, Shazam movie 4″, 12″, and role-play

  • Barbie
  • Harry Potter: character series and broomstick riders

  • Polly Pocket

  • Fisher-Price: Rescue Heroes, ImagiNext Batmobile and DC figure series featuring unique Batmen from deep in the DC Comics continuity catalog

  • Lil Gleemerz
  • Hot Wheels: Track Builder system, Scooby Doo & Batman: Brave and the Bold Mystery Machine-styled Batmobile and Batmobile collection, Jar Jar Binks Star Wars character car, Mario Kart racers, Fast & Furious collection, Disney Mickey Mouse character car, Captain Marvel character car, X-Men pop culture car series

  • Games!

-Scott Rubin

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    I would like Mattel so much:
    -Tarbosaurus based on “Thrash ‘n Throw T-Rex” or “Extreme Chompin’ T-Rex” with some modifications: the tail not short, a narrower skull and smaller feet ;
    -Deinonychus based on the velociraptor of “Battle Damage” “Attack Pack” and others with some modifications: the head a little larger, the jaws a little longer and less bulging on the sides and feet smaller.
    -Utahraptor based on the indoraptor “super posable”, “Grab ‘n Growl Indoraptor” or “Lockwood Ultimate Battle Set” where there is just to change hands and head,
    – Sibo Mountain Volcano with a width of 30 to 50 centimeters, sarcosuchus, deinosuchus or purussaurus, skeleton of Apatosaurus STEM, N622DC plane from Jurassic Park 3,
    -N522RS, N293G, and Wessex helicopter exactly as in the Jurassic Park III Dino Defender and Jurassic Park III Danger Zone video games.
    -Perfect blue character from the 6-inch Jurassic Collector series, all the details, such as the size of the feet and the head, are highly respected. I hope so much that they will do the same with the t-rex of Jurassic World, The Lost World and JP3, and also with the JP3 male velociraptor, where they will simply have to change their color, change their heads and add thorns. or protoplums behind the head.
    -Guns: Franchi SPAS-12 with folding stock and the same functions of introduction and ejection of cartridges,
    -Searcy Double Barrel Rifle with the same functions of opening, introducing and ejecting cartridges;
    -After the “Alpha Training Blue”, I hope so much that they will do the same for the t-rex, taking care to respect the details: like the smaller feet, the jaws not too short but a little longer, scars, eyes located from the front, and the remote control would look like a flare.
    -A skull of a Velociraptor Playset with the resonance chamber of a velociraptor emitting these same sounds by blowing as in JP3;
    -For “Extreme Chompin ‘T-Rex FLN76” and “STEM Anatomy Kit T-Rex FTF13” less big feet, less sharp jugal bones, a little more detailed dewlap connecting lower jaw and neck, and tail one little longer;
    -For the super colossal tyrannosaurus rex, just slightly longer jaws, and a slightly more detailed dewlap connecting the lower jaw and neck.
    -For the t-rex and Blue of “Mini Dinos 15 combat packages”: only the shortest feet.
    -For the velociraptor figures of “Battle Damage” “Attack Pack” and others: the head a little larger, jaws a little longer and less bulging on the sides and feet smaller.
    -For the mosasaurus FNG24: the body a little longer, the tail longer and higher profile.

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