Lately we’ve gotten to take some close looks at some of the DC Comics Bombshells figure and 1:24 scale vehicle packs from Jada Toys, and we were excited to see what the die cast and metal collectibles company had on display at Toy Fair New York 2019. We toured their booth on Sunday, checking out cars and other vehicles from a multitude of licenses as well as based on real vehicles, and we’ve got photos of it all (except for a few prototypes we weren’t allowed to shoot) in our photo gallery below. Scroll down to see:

  • Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw – 1:24 scale vehicles featuring 2018 McLaren 720S
  • Fast & Furious: 1:24 and 1:18 scale vehicles with figure from multiple movies across the saga. On the 1:18 scale the figures can interact with the cars (sit on the hood, lean against, etc.) and new for this year will be light up effects. Jada is also continuing the Fast & Furious 1:32 scale cars, R/C lines: Drift “just below hobby grade” with a new Supra, and the larger Off-Road Charger that has been refreshed and given a light up movie logo. This franchise is also getting mini Nano Hollywood Rides and Build and Collect.
  • NOT PICTURED: Prototypes and artwork for Hollywood Rides Stranger Things Camaro and Hopper’s Chevy Blazer, It Chapter II, Harry Potter Ford Anglia and Hogwart’s Express train, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bus, Betty Boop, Ecto-1, Initial D, Marvel. Transformers G1 and modern films are getting Hollywood Rides and Nanos! KITT won’t come with a figure but will have the iconic hood light effect. Also Smokey and the Bandit, Elvis, and Batmobiles (revealed Batman: the Animated Series Batman and new 1/18 scale ’66 Batmobile with lights.
  • Nano Metalfigs: going forward Jada will continue with multi-packs featuring DC and Marvel, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and Power Rangers
  • In-house Jada continues to crush the die-cast competition with its line of real vehicles in standard forms, R/C, and off-road. This year is also the 20th anniversary of their Muscle line so to celebrate they’ll be re-releasing an iconic car from each year in its original packaging with “raw” paint and a display tile with its individual details and that when connected to the entire series shows Jada’s logo on the other side.

-Scott Rubin

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