Known for their 1:6 scale figures, Q-Figs, and more, Quantum Mechanix brought an interesting assortment of currently available and upcoming products to show off at Toy Fair New York 2019. Check out the whole display in our photo gallery below, with the new highlights including:

  • Batman: Family Q-Master Diorama: this adorable scene is the first in a new line for QMx featuring a statue with multiple characters. It was described as “a bigger canvas for a bigger story with more details.” Coming Q3 for about $200, the Batman Family will be fully assembled; you’ll just need to attach it to the base!
  • Q-Figs: new entries are Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Voldemort, and Ron Weasley
  • 1/6 Scale Figures: the Nun. Up next in Star Trek is Sulu, followed by Uhura, then characters from Wrath of Khan. Supernatural will probably be Castiel then Sam, and Inigo is on the way for Princess Bride.
  • Star Trek: Discovery badges

-Scott Rubin

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