Cryptozoic will feature several upcoming vinyl figures at Toy Fair New York, February 16-19. Collectibles include Cryptkins: Series 2, Wonder Woman Movie Collectible, Trover from Squanch Games’ forthcoming video game Trover Saves the Universe, and Freddy Krueger, the first figure in the new Vinyl Terrorz line. In addition, the company will show the premium Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira Statue, which reimagines the character as a classic Greek sculpture.

Cryptkins: Series 2 (Pictured Top)

The second set of 2.25-inch figures based on Cryptozoic’s popular original IP features Kraken, Cerberus, Unicorn, Gryphon, and Blue Dragon, among many other creatures that have been the subject of folklore and tabloid headlines. It includes 13 vinyl figures in all, plus six hard-to-find Bone-Chilling Variants that feature bones painted on the exteriors of the figures. Each figure comes packaged inside a collectible blind-reveal miniature crate that includes a Bio Card with a drawing and additional information about the creature.


Vinyl Terrorz: Freddy Krueger

The first figure in Cryptozoic’s new horror-inspired Vinyl Terrorz line is based on the iconic character from the long-lasting A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. It features the character’s trademark gruesome face, fedora, and clawed glove. The 7-inch figure comes inside a display-worthy window box.


Wonder Woman Movie Collectible

Based on the recent portrayal of Wonder Woman on the big screen, this figure reflects the power of the iconic Amazonian princess, as she wields a sword and wears her trademark armor, seemingly ready to battle at a moment’s notice. Designed by Pedro Astudillo and sculpted by Anders Ehrenborg, it features the Wonder Woman logo on the base and is packaged inside a display-worthy window box.


Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira Statue

Inspired by the character’s ties to Greek mythology, the marble-colored polyresin statue reimagines her as a classical Greek sculpture. Paying homage to the famous Venus de Milo, it measures 12 inches from the base of the plinth to the top of the spear and features gold-accented versions of the Super Hero’s iconic bracelets, lasso, and other accessories. The spear is removable and the shield is inscribed with Wonder Woman’s classic epithet in Greek lettering. It comes packaged inside a full-color closed box.



This stylish figure is based on the lead character from the upcoming video game Trover Saves the Universe, created by Rick and Morty mastermind Justin Roiland and soon to be released by Squanch Games. It features four unique, interchangeable “power babies,” which can be plugged into the figure’s eye holes (they give Trover different abilities in the game). The 7-inch figure’s wrist articulation allows collectors to swing the attached sword.

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