Master Replicas Group was New York Comic Con showing off a very cool new electronic device: an interactive replica of the HAL 9000 Command Console from the 2001: A Space Odyssey. Priced at $999.99 and limited to 2001 units, not only is this an authentic replica, but it’s also a high-end replica that recognizes your voice commands and responds with appropriate audio clips and video displays. The HAL 9000 with Command Console includes a removable HAL 9000 Bluetooth Speaker, power supply, handsome desk stand, and a numbered and signed Limited Edition certificate. Best yet, the HAL 9000 Command Console is ready for your smart home, having Amazon Alexa pre-installed! Complete details, and pre-orders, can be found HERE.


Master Replicas has also partnered with the Smithsonian on a variety of historic replicas. These include a Fossil Collection – authentic resin castings of a giant megalodon shark tooth, Trilobite and raptor claw, and  Dinoramas – cool wall art of dino hatchlings (pictured above). I picked up a palm-sized Trilobite casting that MRG was selling at the show as a magnet (below). Pretty neato for only $20.

check out these items and more in our gallery below!


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