Forever Collectibles was best known for their sports collectibles. Seeking to expand with new pop culture licensing, however, Forever Collectibles was reborn as FOCO

FOCO’s main brands include teeny tiny building brick models called BRXLZ, a line of fun 4-inch character totems called Eekeez, and high-quality resin bobbleheads ranging from 8-inches tall to FOCO’s deluxe 10-inch Signature Series with unique bobbling traits. Case in point: FOCO’s New York Comic Con exclusive DC Comics Bane & Batman bobble. Limited to only 250 pieces, the unique twist with this Signature Series piece is the waist bobbing action which makes it appear that Bane is cracking the Dark Knight’s spine over his knee. Ouch!


Was most impressive is FOCO’s broad range of new licenses. In addition to DC Comics (a gold plated Aquaman bobble is another NYCC exclusive), FOCO has the rights to popular Nickelodeon cartoons (SpongeBob and Rugrats, to name two), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, HBO’s hit series Westworld, and great horror properties like Stephen King’s IT and Friday the 13th. 


New licenses on the horizon include DC’s Shazam! motion picture and Batman Animated! FOCO is even looking to expand its brands with a new mini-bobble series called Nodz and Eekeez Scenes! Stay tuned right here on as we bring you future FOCO news, including indepth reviews of their unique product! Scroll to our gallery below for a NYCC photo gallery tour!

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