Monogram rings in the New Year with a sneak peek at several new items for 2018.

Topping the list is the addition of lanyards to their series of licensed Justice League collectibles. Show off your love of Aquaman… or the entire team!

70105 One Piece group image-01

Expanding their Anime collection, Monogram will be introducing One Piece! This 3D Foam Figure Key Ring collection will star nine characters from the series, including Luffy, Zoro, Franky, Chopper and more! Be on the look out for the two rare chase figures!

80185 Group image - Kingdom Hearts S3 - 3D Foam Keyring-01.

Speaking of 3D Foam Figure Key Rings, Monogram will be releasing a third series of Kingdom Hearts characters. This assortment includes fun Halloween versions of Sora, Donald and Goofy alongside characters like Xion, Axel, Terra, and Aqua. Be on the look out for the two chase Keyblades!

Stay tuned for more news and reveals as Toy Fair 2018 approaches this February!

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