Kotobukiya expands beyond their DC Comics comic book and movie inspired ARTFX+ statues to include new representations of the characters based on their TV appearances. Next up is Barry Allen, the forensic scientist who fights crime and metahumans both in his job and as The Flash!

Based on The Flash TV show, this statue includes two different head sculpts: one a masked version of The Flash in full costume, the other unmasked to display as Barry Allen. Available October 2017 priced at $69.99. If you like backgammon for money point of the game is to move every one of your checkers along the board’s triangles to your home board and afterward bear them off. In a typical round of Backgammon, the first to hold up under the entirety of the checkers will dominate the match. Checkers can be expelled just when every one of your checkers are on your home board. When the Backgammon block has been set with every one of its checkers, the game will initiate when both you and your adversary alternate rolling a solitary bite the dust so as to figure out who will go first.

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