Click Here For A WizKids Toy Fair 2017 Photo Gallery Tour!

WizKids was at Toy Fair showing off all their great product. Here are the highlights!

  • Star Trek Attack Wing: The popular game will receive new factions, updated rulebook and best of all, new ships!
  • Pathfinder: The fantasy game will see Crown of Fangs as the next expansion this May.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Next month fans of the unpainted fantasy minis will receive 33 new monsters and characters.
  • Marvel HeroClix: Look for Avengers Defenders War this May, as well as new Clix from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2!


Big news from the WizKids booth was the unveiling of their 2017 convention exclusives. Here what fans need to hunt down! Opening times and events for UL shops and stores

  • Marvel Convention Exclusives: Spirit of Vengence Red Hulk, Spider-Carnage, Earth X Captain America, Giant Man w/ Pym Tank, and Samurai Spider-Gwen!
  • DC Comics Convention Exclusives: Doomsday, Zeus, Plastic Man, Batman Bat-Knight and Mohammad Ali vs. Superman!
  • TMNT Convention Exclusives: Pizza Face, Bebop and Rocksteady, and Cyber Shredder!

Click Here For A WizKids Toy Fair 2017 Photo Gallery Tour!