Pack some “Pow!” into your collection with the latest series of Pin Mate figures, celebrating the characters featured on the live-action Classic TV Series BATMAN.

These retro-styled wooden figures are being sold individually priced at $4.99 each (each individually numbered 24-35 on the figure’s bottom and the packaging) , as well as together in a case of 12.

BATMAN is number 24; ROBIN is number 25; THE JOKER is number 26; THE PENGUIN is number 27; CATWOMAN is number 28; THE RIDDLER is number 29; BRUCE WAYNE is number 30; DICK GRAYSON is number 31; BATGIRL is number 32; JERVIS TECH is number 33; MR. FREEZE is number 34; EGGHEAD is number 35.

Measuring a mere 2-inches tall, each one-of-a-kind Pin Mate figure celebrates the uniqueness of each character with 360-degree, hand-painted artwork that includes some decal elements.

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