Cryptozoic Entertainment has long been known for its cool card and board games, but it’s grown into a full-fledged collectibles company with tons of fun products.  At SDCC 2016 they showed off their full line of new and upcoming items with a big focus on DC Comics.  From that property they’ve got fun Mighty Meeples you can use on your board games (including three convention exclusive sets), lots of Bombshells in various forms, back scratchers, and statues and other high end collectibles like the Batman Brave and the Bold Maquette, shoe collection, ’66 Batmobile, Mugshot busts, hand replicas, and more.  You can see all of those items plus more (read below) in our SDCC 2016 photo gallery here.


Beyond that Cryptozoic brought Ghostbusters items spinning out of their board game (mini figures, Slimer timer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man oven mitt), The Walking Dead board game, and Bone collectibles.  And a special surprise was the addition of the GKR (Giant Killer Robots) game we first glimpsed at the WETA booth last year; Cryptozoic will be producing the board game with the Kickstarter coming soon!


Visit our SDCC 2016 photo galleries to see everything on display at the Cryptozoic Entertainment booth!

-Scott Rubin

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